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Wedding weather, Sat 15th August

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DialsMavis Sun 09-Aug-15 09:36:38

I'm getting married in West London this coming Saturday and us and all our guests have a bit of a walk from the wedding to reception venue. Can anyone assure me that the sun will shine? Or that at least it won't rain? The forecast on the BBC has changed from light cloud to heavy rain hmm, but as its a few days away it doesn't say what time of day. Wedding 2.15pm and we will be safely ensconced inside a pub and marque by 4ish

GloriaSmud Mon 10-Aug-15 09:31:37

(Very much an amateur here!) think it looks OK for Saturday pm at the moment. Temperature's OK as well ~ 18-20C.

DialsMavis Mon 10-Aug-15 11:53:16

Oh thanks, I will keep everything crossed

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