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Weather warning for Friday/Saturday (12/13 June)

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GloriaSmud Wed 10-Jun-15 12:23:23

issued by the metoffice.

Looks similar to what happened last weekend, with heat building and then setting off a few thunderstorms.

WorrisomeHeart Wed 10-Jun-15 12:39:27

Ah feck. We're surprising DS (4) with a trip to Legoland on Friday. I wonder if we'll miss the storm if we aim to get there first thing and head home early pm?

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 10-Jun-15 13:41:08

worrisome, the nature of thunderstorms is that some people will get them and some, even just a couple of miles away won't. I really wouldn't change plans, I'd just be prepared to dive under cover if a storm arrives.

WorrisomeHeart Wed 10-Jun-15 15:45:41

Thanks OYBBK, it'll be the perfect excuse to spend lots of time in the building areas and the shop!grin

BlackeyedSusan Wed 10-Jun-15 20:00:07

ah feck indeed.

there is bound to be one at school chuck out time.

BlackeyedSusan Thu 11-Jun-15 11:11:35

also I think the warning area has changed slightly and moved further north/west

ineedaholidaynow Thu 11-Jun-15 12:57:30

DS has cub camp this weekend sad

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 11-Jun-15 13:30:10

I can't quite remember the shape of the warning as it was yesterday.

So tonight into tomorrow morning we have the first batch. Then later on tomorrow evening we may have a second batch, with much more widespread heavy rain.

I do wonder if the first batch might inhibit the second batch. If we get any leftover 'clag' then temperatures won't climb as high so the second batch would be less electrified. We will only know tomorrow.

Southern England most at risk.

GloriaSmud Thu 11-Jun-15 15:59:32

I think yesterday's warning went from South Wales in a sort of diagonal line and just about covered us here (Leicester).

Weather forecast does not suit us at all at the moment ~ DD1's just done 1 3/4 hours of GCSE maths and they were handing out ice lollies and water just before they went in. Last exam tomorrow (yay!) so hopefully they'll do the same again. And then on Saturday, DD2's got something on with Guides from 2-8pm and (oh the irony!), it's called "Water Waste and Me." I think DD and the 200 other Guides doing it are going to end up very, very wet!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 11-Jun-15 21:53:59

oh dear. Its all backwards for your dd!

Some good stuff on the radar, I hope it stays quiet overnight for you so she sleeps ok.

saintlyjimjams Thu 11-Jun-15 22:11:53

Rain starting here in Devon - been pretty windy all day.....

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 12-Jun-15 08:06:28

Most of last nights storms fizzled out before reaching the uk. some left over clag around. If it clears then there could be some spectacular storms with moderate to large hail and flash flooding. Of course, as is ever the nature of storms, some wont see anything at all. Risk areas, south of england.

saintlyjimjams Fri 12-Jun-15 08:17:35

Yep nothing at all here last night. It was windier in the early hours of yesterday morning.

AlmaMartyr Fri 12-Jun-15 08:23:06

Cub camp on Dartmoor this weekend. How's it looking? They won't cancel unless very bad. We're all going (in our metal framed tent on top of the moor...)

GloriaSmud Fri 12-Jun-15 09:42:04

Alma don't think it's looking too bad this weekend for Dartmoor. Think the main rain/thundery stuff is this afternoon/into tonight but tomorrow and Sunday is looking OK.

It's been quite a chilly morning here with a cool breeze but the sun's just broken through so expecting temperatures to climb now.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 12-Jun-15 10:19:24

I think your issue will be setting up the camp tonight. Some very heavy downpours expected. Once that is over then generally cool but pleasant.

AlmaMartyr Fri 12-Jun-15 10:50:37

Ok, thanks both smile Camp starts this evening for two nights, we'll have to see how it goes.

CatsCantTwerk Fri 12-Jun-15 10:53:13

Can anyone tell me what it will be like in Lincoln tomorrow night? We are off to Lincoln Castle for the Magna Carta weekend party to watch Diversity but it will be outdoors. 7pm till 10pm.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 12-Jun-15 11:08:58

I'd take raincoats Cats. Looks showery, possibly heavy at times.
I didn't know that Lincoln had a castle!

ineedaholidaynow Fri 12-Jun-15 11:32:25

Alma I think your DC is at the same place my DS is! Weather ok at the moment, fingers crossed it stays like this

AlmaMartyr Fri 12-Jun-15 11:47:53

Quite possibly Ineedaholidaynow! I'm going too as a leader and am a bit worried about the storms!

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 12-Jun-15 12:28:44

I think the storms are looking less likely now. Too much cloud.

CatsCantTwerk Fri 12-Jun-15 13:03:45

Thanks OYBBK.

Lincoln Castle It is probably one of the most famous things in Lincolnshire along with the Sausage Cathedral, They both stand tall on a hill and Lincoln city centre is pretty much built around it, You can see them both for miles. If You click on 'history' on the bottom on the page on the link there is an old picture of how high it stands above Lincoln. smile

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 12-Jun-15 13:21:46

oh cool! Thanks for the link smile I must go to Lincoln sometime. partly cos Linclnshire oftern crops up in my forecasts!

BlackeyedSusan Fri 12-Jun-15 13:54:23

it is quite cool here... cloudy already.

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