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Massive thunder and lightning last night...for over three and a half hours!

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beachyhead Mon 10-Nov-14 07:01:43

Did anybody sleep last night? We are on the South Coast. It started at 1am, loud enough to wake us all up and finished at 415am. I've never heard thunder so loud, even with a cocker spaniel sitting on my head smile

beachyhead Mon 10-Nov-14 07:14:54

Just my house then!!

CatsCantTwerk Mon 10-Nov-14 07:19:22

Nothing here in lincolnshire. I have seen a lot of comments on FB about the storms down south though, A few people have said it was the loudest thunder they had heard.

magimedi Mon 10-Nov-14 07:20:45

Beachy It woke me at 6am & DH said it had been going on for at least half an hour before that.

I am East of Beach Head (the place grin ).

I can't remember so many thunderstorms in October/November as this year.

magimedi Mon 10-Nov-14 07:21:03

Beachy - it's early!!

beachyhead Mon 10-Nov-14 07:22:49

We are over near Chichester and it went round and round the house. You kept thinking it would move on but back it came!

Llareggub Mon 10-Nov-14 07:24:42

Over South Wales around 8pm unt 10ish. My house looks out over the sea and it looked tremendous last night.

PitchSlapped Mon 10-Nov-14 07:24:55

Im in kent, thunder woke me up at 5am, went back to sleep and it was still going on at 6.45 when i woke up with the alarm

PitchSlapped Mon 10-Nov-14 07:26:14

It seems to have stopped now

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 10-Nov-14 07:29:39

It was just the SE coast as far as I know. Sounds exhausting!!

magimedi Mon 10-Nov-14 07:31:16

OYBBK - Is it unusual to get this type of weather at this time of year? We've had quite a lot of storms in the last few weeks.

I always associate thunder with hot, sultry summer day.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 10-Nov-14 07:31:28

Read other posts - you got some too LLaregubb?

I checked the lightning detectors at 10 ish last night and didn't see anything out your way. However nothing beats ground observation!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 10-Nov-14 07:35:13

Magimedi - no it's not especially unusual. They have a different mechanism - rather than being caused by daytime heat they tend to form along cold fronts. The cold front lifts the warm air it encounters and this can make for an unstable atmosphere.

NoArmaniNoPunani Mon 10-Nov-14 07:38:33

Yeah we are on the West Sussex coast. Never heard such a loud storm

beachyhead Mon 10-Nov-14 07:40:12

I've never experienced such a long storm though, really did last over three hours. It just didn't move (or was it a series of storms moving through?) Can storms get 'stuck' OYBBK?

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 10-Nov-14 07:59:53

They can beachyhead. Although an individual cell only lasts for around 30 minutes, new cells can form.

Llareggub Mon 10-Nov-14 08:02:46

Oh we did indeed! The whole bay was illuminated. Beautiful fork lightening and very loud thunder!

cruikshank Mon 10-Nov-14 08:03:02

If it was only in one area and lasted that long, I'd avoid going near graveyards if I were you.

</Dr Who>

Spirael Mon 10-Nov-14 08:08:16

All quiet Oop North here in Yorkshire! On the other hand the fog is so thick this morning that I can't see the far side of the street.

Are the storms due to reach us later? I might have to check the weather forecasts before I venture out to walk into town with the DDs.

Chandon Mon 10-Nov-14 08:28:56

Yes we did, for a bit (Hampshire).

Dog freaked out.


PestoStormissimos Mon 10-Nov-14 08:38:41

We did too here near Brighton, and we lost power at least twice. Have spent the morning so far, re-setting clocks - my least favourite thing - Grrrr!!!!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 10-Nov-14 08:47:40

I see there were storms in the Bristol channel too smile
I wonder what was up with the lightning detector.

Spireal - when the fog clears you should be in for a nice day.

Llareggub Mon 10-Nov-14 19:37:35

It's extremely wet and windy tonight! The coastal wind is hammering my windows.

Lambstales Mon 10-Nov-14 20:48:19

I live about 14 miles west of Brighton. The thunder started about 8pm on Sunday night. Then the thunder and lightening. This continued all night, on and off, till about 10 am this morning.
You are right OP not a good night's sleep.

Lambstales Mon 10-Nov-14 20:55:21

I think that it was mostly offshore and bouncing back, if that makes sense?

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