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BlackeyedSusan Fri 28-Mar-14 15:05:03

eek. here. west mids!

BuzzardBird Fri 28-Mar-14 15:07:59

That is because I had just hung my washing out sad

BuzzardBird Fri 28-Mar-14 15:09:24

On a brighter note your NN inspired me to buy some Black Eyed Daises last summer and they were lovely. Thanks thanks

BlackeyedSusan Fri 28-Mar-14 17:29:31

it was abig one. right about pick up time. some stonking lightning flashes almost overhead. sat in the car and cowered hoping dd would do sport inside.

they are lovely flowers!

UriGeller Fri 28-Mar-14 17:31:30

We have thunder, the sky is dark grey greenish and the rain is getting heavier. S'lovely. In North west.

BlackeyedSusan Fri 28-Mar-14 18:01:02

ahh yes but our storm, porduced a funnel cloud before it got anywhere near us

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