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Weather warnings for the north.

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OhYouMerryLittleKitten Tue 03-Dec-13 20:00:47

here primarily for gales/severe gales (gusts up to 80mph) but also for snow on thurs and friday. In parts of Scotland, esp the NE the combination could lead too blizzard conditions and severe wind chill. Take care.

Yama Wed 04-Dec-13 21:22:27

Bloody hell - no rain services in my area until 4pm tomorrow. West Coast of Scotland.

GloriaSmud Wed 04-Dec-13 22:21:30

Some information about how train services in Scotland will be affected here and road bridges here There's also a section about the weather here.

Yama Wed 04-Dec-13 22:35:23

Oh yes, I meant train. That can't have been Freudian, can it?

Perihelion Thu 05-Dec-13 00:51:02

Oh no, I've now got a really strange image in my head of bits of Hester flapping in the wind grin
Starting to get breezy here with wee teasing 38mph gusts.

justmuddlingalong Thu 05-Dec-13 01:04:17

Can hear the wind whistling round the house here in Fife already. No snow sad or rain yet though.

Littlemissexpecting Thu 05-Dec-13 01:32:39

We're due to drive from SE to Edinburgh tomorrow. Should we travel west coast instead of east you think? Not looking forward to drive anyway, never mind wind and rain too!

Perihelion Thu 05-Dec-13 01:47:52

40mph gusts and pishing down now in Edinburgh.
Littlemiss think the worst of the wind is past by the afternoon in Scotland, but there's wind warnings further south. Would check the weather and travel sites in the morning and maybe delay your journey. The M6 in northern England/Scotland is pretty high and exposed, so not really a better alternative, especially if any snow comes further south than expected.

oricella Thu 05-Dec-13 05:27:18

pretty awful in the highlands right now sad wish I could sleep

leavesalmondoutofit Thu 05-Dec-13 05:45:38

I am up because of the wind too. North of Glasgow.

NoRumoursAtTheInn Thu 05-Dec-13 06:09:06

Another one in the Highlands here and the weather is awful. Thunder storm and its blowing a gale sad

Hohohowhatfuckeryitis Thu 05-Dec-13 06:19:44

Durham. Is howling out there. I really don't want to get up or walk to work.

Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 06:21:39

I'm down in Leeds and the wind is crazy here do can't imagine how bad it is further north!

Indith Thu 05-Dec-13 06:42:55

Durham area, can hear it howling outside.

dingdongduckyfuzz Thu 05-Dec-13 06:45:07

South durham, been howling for about 4 hours now, house is shaking!

Gracelo Thu 05-Dec-13 06:45:09

Northern Argyll, right at the coast, it's wild out there.
The entire house is creaking and the lights have been flickering. I hope the power won't go down. The worst should be over for us around 8am.

KatieScarlett2833 Thu 05-Dec-13 06:56:07

Fife is so bad that my bedroom window has caught, buckled and will not close hmm
Looking now for a locksmith to come out and repair it.
Every time a new gust comes I'm terrified it will bring the whole thing crashing down. Been up since 4am hmm

Littlemissexpecting Thu 05-Dec-13 07:05:57

Thanks perihelion
Really not looking forward to it, especially with a baby in car. Your right about m6 being high and very exposed to wind, I've also driven up before when A1 has been closed due to flooding so I'll just have to hope for best later on!

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 05-Dec-13 07:09:49

Morning all. Just caught up with some of it on radio 4. Nasty. Stay safe.

Rather worried about the coastal flooding expected down the east coast. Environment agency reported as saying its expected to be the worst in 30 years.

Littlemiss , worst of the wind will be over today.

DeathByLaundry Thu 05-Dec-13 07:10:40

Got woken by the trampoline having a party n the garden. Oh and a huge thunderstorm. DH and I looked the part at 6am in dressing gowns and wellies trying to wedge the poor bent trampoline somewhere safe!

Stay safe folks.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 05-Dec-13 07:13:01

Oh I see tomorrow is now today grin. I think the west coast will be safer later on than the east coast but let me check.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 05-Dec-13 07:22:28

Number one rule is always tether your trampoline or at least turn it upside down before high winds! poor trampoline.

DeathByLaundry Thu 05-Dec-13 07:24:48

I know - usually it gets dismantled to be honest, weather's been so fine it's been getting used most days though. It will be going away pronto (what's left of it!).

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 05-Dec-13 07:25:27

actually, for practical purposes, wind wise it makes no difference which way you drive up north after the next hour or so. There will be a lot of travel disruption though.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 05-Dec-13 07:44:13

Storm isnt behaving as predicted. We should be having strong winds/gales across england, down to the south coast too by now, but they are arent happening yet. cold front must be slower than expected, I don't know why, but the winds are also higher than forecast further north.

Unfortunately I have to go to work this morning.

Perihelion Thu 05-Dec-13 07:54:54

Storm exactly as reported on BBC hit the Central Belt of Scotland for the morning rush hour. Was woken just after 7am by the wind. Latest gust strenght from Met Office is 59mph for Edinburgh, but I think that's increased a wee bit already. Lights are occasionally flickering, which is unusual for here too.
Littlemiss can you travel tomorrow?
And to continue using dogs as forecasting tools, there's been a load of rain overnight, as their bowls were nearly full of water smile

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