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Weather warnings for the north.

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OhYouMerryLittleKitten Tue 03-Dec-13 20:00:47

here primarily for gales/severe gales (gusts up to 80mph) but also for snow on thurs and friday. In parts of Scotland, esp the NE the combination could lead too blizzard conditions and severe wind chill. Take care.

Littlemissexpecting Thu 05-Dec-13 16:38:42

Tyne has burst it's banks. Not exactly sure where

ouryve Thu 05-Dec-13 16:41:00

It's all over the Festival site in Dunston, Littlemiss.

TheWildOnes Thu 05-Dec-13 16:42:11

Thanks for the good luck hefner, good luck to all.

ouryve Thu 05-Dec-13 16:42:51

Sorry, but I had a wry giggle at this tweet. Shouldn't it be the other way round?hmm

"Tyne and Wear UTMC ‏@TyneWearTravel 5m
The Shields Ferry has been suspended for rest day due to high tide & flooding. Replacement bus service operating. #floodaware"

VivaLeBeaver Thu 05-Dec-13 16:45:16

Ah turns out the Monarch flight was meant to land at the raf base. RAF haven't enough of their own planes and chartered it to bring some crew back. hmm

Perihelion Thu 05-Dec-13 16:47:25

Littlemiss did you try getting to Edinburgh today?

Littlemissexpecting Thu 05-Dec-13 16:55:34

No, we're going Saturday instead. Friday traffic is a nightmare so sat should be quieter.
Glad we didn't roads sound horrendous!

TheHappyCamper Thu 05-Dec-13 17:06:11

We're in Whitby and we're cut off I think! Supposed by going to my DD's xmas fair in half an hour but the road along the coast to her school is closed. Think we may be able to get down some country teeny tiny B roads shock. Can't miss it. She's 4 and is performing a song with her class for the first time.

School train didn't make it as there was a tree across the line this morning.

Water has flooded the harbour car parks and the min roundabout at dock end is about 2-3 feet under water!

meditrina Thu 05-Dec-13 18:26:34

TheHappyCamper is there anyone you can ring to find out if the performance is going ahead in these conditions?

Also, as roads near you are closing, even if you get there, there's no guarantee you'd get back. Make sure you know where you can stay if you are stranded, and that you have a good survival kit in the car in case you get stuck en route and have to sleep in it.

TheHappyCamper Thu 05-Dec-13 20:00:17

Thanks. We text one of the organisers and it was going ahead. Took the country road and got there in 35 mins instead of our usual 10 but it was worth it smile.

Hope everyone else got where they needed to be.

meditrina Thu 05-Dec-13 20:10:03

Glad it worked out for you, Happy

Mirage Thu 05-Dec-13 20:58:38

Our power went at 1.30pm and has only just come back on,lucky it did as we had nearly run out of candles.Trees are down and when I went to check on the ponies at 2pm I struggled to walk across the field.We are used to power cuts living here,but have never had one as long as this.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 05-Dec-13 21:08:09

Nice to have you back mirage smile

BlackeyedSusan Thu 05-Dec-13 23:59:46

BRR. cold

the squall blew over the netball hoop at dd's school. there have been trees down over the w mids.

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