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Possible severe gales - Part 2

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OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Oct-13 10:27:47

smile in case I'm not back by the time the other one fills up.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Oct-13 20:00:50

what a dramatic holiday youarewinning! shock

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Oct-13 20:01:45

roughly where are you lapsedorienteer?

Sparklysilversequins Sun 27-Oct-13 20:04:41

Totally still here in West London, no rain or anything. I think it's going to miss us. There's not often extreme weather here though. It's one of the things I miss about living rurally.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Oct-13 20:04:58

you are really welcome lovestea smile

remember folk, if this storm doesnt come off in the dramatic fashion that some expect - the weather models in the run up have been showing potential for really nasty stuff. Weather models are the tool that forecasters use. If it looks like there is a high probability that there may be dangerous conditions then thats what forecaster have to say.

I think the met office have handled the uncertainty of the storm very well. Some of the press have not.

tillyo Sun 27-Oct-13 20:04:58

The rain has started now and the wind is blowing up. Little miss is upset cause i won't let he stay up to watch the storm. I won't even be up!

DameDeepRedBetty Sun 27-Oct-13 20:09:16

The latest from NE Wilts (Marlborough to be precise, sod it I'm not that worried about being outed!).

Wind virtually zero, steady light rain, still very very mild.

The girls seem to be confusing weather preparation with Zombie Apocalypse. And we've acquired two extras for a sleepover, as it's half-term. They are currently squabbling about who gets the hatchet for their Zombie emergency kitbag and who is stuck with the hammer. The third has a saw and a piece of rope (you tie the Zombie up with the rope then saw its head off) and the fourth is perfectly happy with the big wood-axe.

I'm not entirely certain how I'm going to explain the night's entertainment to their mothers, although they did all give permission for them to watch Shaun of The Dead.

deepfriedsage Sun 27-Oct-13 20:09:44

Nothing unusual for October weather here.

StrollAlongTheProm Sun 27-Oct-13 20:10:15

If anyone is Bournemouth/Poole way please could you pop over here and let us know what the weather is doing:


TeWiSavesTheDay Sun 27-Oct-13 20:11:33

It's tempting to stay up to see what happens, but i'll be up every few hours with the baby anyway!

Hope everyone in the CI stays safe tonight.

youarewinning Sun 27-Oct-13 20:13:37

OYBBK It was actually quite exciting blush

Not as good as when I worked in Greece near the faultlines the Turkish earthquakes were on. The day after it hit Athens (1999) we went by boat to an Island. It was also accessible by a road/bridge.

Got hit by a storm suddenly with hail the size of golf and tennis balls! Tried to get boat back to mainland - engine broke and friend got blown off harbour wall shock Get him out and try to fix boat. No good to pile onto a greek persons fishing boat - he offers us a ride. Nearly at mainland when get stopped by a squall so have to turn round and go back - would have been fine but boat was unkeeled and toppled severly.

Eventually we use some of our own yachts to get back the necessary staff to the hotel. So 44ft yacht trip back.

Lets just say we found most of our belongings when we got home over the next few days!

FallingInBloodIsHardOnMeeeee Sun 27-Oct-13 20:15:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SorrelForbes Sun 27-Oct-13 20:16:29

<another wave at fellow Plymouth dwellers>

Let's face it, here in Plymouth, we're very used to lots of rain grin

lagoonhaze Sun 27-Oct-13 20:16:43

OYBBK Slightly off topic but you mentioned interesting weather later in week or did I dream it?

Friday in Cornwall- any good for moving house?

WhirlyByrd Sun 27-Oct-13 20:17:15

Marking my place! DH thinks I am worrying over nothing. He didn't experience the 87 storm I have candles and torches. I may come over all 'little red hen' on him and keep them to myself if there is a power cut grin

pepperrabbit Sun 27-Oct-13 20:19:25

Trying to post in between power cuts! Weather relatively unexciting - heavy rain and some wind but not frightening or anything, just the power won't stay on so I guess some lines have come down already. We're in Lulworth in a holiday cottage so no idea if it's usually temperamental.
DCs not happy in a strange house in the pitch black, we keep telling them it's 400 years old so will be fine, and our home in Hampshire is much more likely to get walloped by an oak tree!
Very glad we brought the gin candles with us though.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Oct-13 20:21:42

lagoon friday is ok smile

pepper - well done on the candles!!

I have torches by each of the bedsides and randomly around the house and by the exits. I'm famous for putting a torch down in a powercut and promptly losing it!

TheSkiingGardener Sun 27-Oct-13 20:22:03

Just driven from Berkshire to Southampton. Light rain in Berks has become torrential rain post Winchester with an awful lot of standing water in places on the M3. Not much wind in Southampton at the moment.

AllabouttheE Sun 27-Oct-13 20:22:04

I'm glad the decision as to getting the train has been taken out of my hands. The peak isn't due to SE London until early rush hour anyway. Don't fancy a 17 mile walk home to collect children from childminder.

So it's a lie in for us tomo

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Oct-13 20:23:36

falling - I would clear the garden (secure any trampoline!) make sure you have torches. Charge phones.
Am also making sure I know where the insurance documents are.

Though I must say, I'm not expecting england wide blackouts or anything -just localised ones!

GloriaSmud Sun 27-Oct-13 20:23:51

Lol at DeepRedBetty's sleepover.

Leicester signing in here where it's 12.4C and fairly quiet at the moment but there are signs the wind is beginning to get up. Raintoday is a good website that shows where the rain is at the moment.

My brother's flying in from Cyprus tonight (ho boy is he going to notice the difference in weather!) but God knows whereabouts in the country he's going to end up. His 'official' destination is East Midlands just after midnight!

AtticusMcPlatypus Sun 27-Oct-13 20:23:59

My DC and DH think I am obsessed as I keep periodically getting up to check the storm situation. Will have to be a bit more sneaky in the next ad break! Not much to report except rain in N. Cornwall.

Makinglists Sun 27-Oct-13 20:25:09

Very heavy rain here in Plymouth, wind has just started to pick up after being almost still an hour or two ago.

CheeseBallsRule Sun 27-Oct-13 20:26:21

Yep ... The rain in plymouth is referred to as ' plymouth sunshine' grin

Herisson Sun 27-Oct-13 20:26:59

SW London pretty quiet, really. The wind has died right down and we just have some rather drizzly rain now.

lagoonhaze Sun 27-Oct-13 20:27:08

Brill thank you!

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