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Potentially exciting weather tonight!

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OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 19-Oct-13 19:59:23

TORRO have issued a tornado watch for central and southern England and Wales.

Which is quite a large area really. Tornado watches mean that the expected weather in conducive to tornadogenisis rather than they are expected but nevertheless, it could be interesting smile hail,thunder and severe gusts are also possible.

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Fri 25-Oct-13 22:15:42

I can't believe how active this week has been! (and how accurate the watches have been!)

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Fri 25-Oct-13 22:09:09

looking for reports from Warrington and Calderdale please.

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Fri 25-Oct-13 19:02:29

3rd watch in a week. First two did end up with tornadoes in them.

DoItTooJulia Fri 25-Oct-13 18:46:33


OhYouWickedWickedWitch Fri 25-Oct-13 18:38:15

tornado watch issued again!

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Wed 23-Oct-13 14:11:21

I've created a thread about Mondays gales potential here

GloriaSmud Wed 23-Oct-13 09:50:25

Rain started about 11.45 pm here but by midnight, the wind suddenly dropped and rain stopped. We had more rain overnight but without the wind. Today looks like it's going to be a nice day - there's a strange orange ball in the sky and I'm not used to the brightness!

digerd Wed 23-Oct-13 08:19:22

Oh good. At least little dog can take her 1st walk of the day at 2pm in dry weather.
Don't mind getting soaked at 11.30 when I walk home, but getting drenched going and dancing in a soaking flouncy dance skirt is not appealing. Most long raincoats are open from knees down.
Just had a peek outside and the clouds are breaking up from the south and hurtling across the sky at great speed. Bit too blustery for walking head on southwards in comfort, but is only a few minutes.
Must stop whining and get on with it grin

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Wed 23-Oct-13 07:51:41

digerd, there may be a bit of rain around but it is rapidly clearing.

looks like a very pleasant afternoon for many smile

GeekLove Wed 23-Oct-13 07:35:05

Was clear but with a cumulonimbus in the east.

GeekLove Wed 23-Oct-13 07:33:30

We had an awesome downpour in Coventry at 20.00 last night. I could not see the end of my garden 10m away. Am intrigued to see what I will find during the school run.

youarewinning Wed 23-Oct-13 07:25:35

Windy and rain here. Possibly few rumbles in the distance but no t and l afaik.

NK5BM3 Wed 23-Oct-13 07:17:54

East kent here. And vvv windy. Big trees are 'moving' quite a lot!! Argh.

digerd Wed 23-Oct-13 07:15:35

I'm past the age where I want excitement. A lovely contented peaceful life is what I need smile. But this year I've been the target of gremlins grrrr.
Now will it be raining again at 09.15 as I have a 5 minute walk in my dance clothes to get to the hall?hmm

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Wed 23-Oct-13 07:01:38

I'll do a thread on Mondays potential when I'm more awake. Possibly a bit too exciting if the models verify.

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Wed 23-Oct-13 06:57:56

No t&l from the overnight lot for us but it was quite a wild and wooly night with the rain and wind.

digerd Wed 23-Oct-13 06:57:10

Don't know what the time was in the middle of last night, but I was woken up with wind and rain lashing on my windows and flat roof extension - twice in the night.
Not raining atm. Feel cold too and put the heating on.

ScreamsInTheNight Wed 23-Oct-13 04:35:38

Wind AND rain, not a giant bee. There appears to be a river running down the road outside.

Now I want the pink lightning please!

ScreamsInTheNight Wed 23-Oct-13 04:28:49

Anyone up and listening to the wind bee rain? An in London and it sounds amazing, trees are bent double!

mummylin2495 Wed 23-Oct-13 00:51:20

Oh my god the rain is horrendous and the wind is really noisy.

mummylin2495 Wed 23-Oct-13 00:45:33

Pouring with rain here in Dorset and very windy

SuperiorCat Tue 22-Oct-13 23:15:31

youarewinning - I feel your pain, 15yo DS is on a camp bed in our room as he is very noise sensitive (also ASD)

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Tue 22-Oct-13 22:55:51

That was an amazing storm! Amazing lightning - it 'stayed' in the sky ages and was pink (OYBBK/OYWWW) what'sthat all about (and remember who you are talking to!! Small words - and s l o w l y please!!). I was hoping to get some sleep tonight (none last night, not a flipping wink!) but hey... if another storm is in the offing grin

I'm still gringrin I love 'strong' weather grin

youarewinning Tue 22-Oct-13 22:55:48

I'm not sure splendid is the word I'd use grin Potent storms + noise sensitive DS with AS = disaster grin

Have got ipad charging and headphones ready though!

pinkkoala Tue 22-Oct-13 22:51:38

Dh just in, said roads were grim.
might go to bed before the next lot due, any ideas when we will get next lot.

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