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As probably the only person in Britain who hates the heat...

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Campaspe Fri 05-Jul-13 14:46:12

...could someone tell me how long this heatwave will last? I'm hearing alarming forecasts of it lasting for the rest of the summer. Gulp. Is this really the case? (Should say I live in the SW, and am very envious of those in the temperate north).

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 11:58:54

We were in Mid E. Australia in 1989 in July, and it was only 13 degrees and we slept in living room infront of the open fire, we were so cold in the night. Think it went down to 8 degrees.
Not been back since as couldn't cope with the long flight.

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 12:01:02

Remember arriving in Perth at 6pm from the horror of swealtering/lack of oxygen Bankok for 2 nights, and it was LOVELY at 10 degrees.

justalilmummy Sat 06-Jul-13 12:01:57

Usually absolutely love the heat, right now at 35 week's pregnant the heats making me dizzy so not so much!

MrRected Sat 06-Jul-13 12:10:19

Agree our houses are woefully inadequate to deal with cold weather.

We had a spell of 8/9 degrees at night and it felt much colder. It's rare that it gets below 20 degrees in the day though.

'twas a lighthearted post smile

Bunbaker Sat 06-Jul-13 12:12:33

The back of my house faces south east so has had full sun on it since about 5 am. I have drawn the curtains in the living room and it has made a huge difference.

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 12:14:56

Too hot to eat a cooked meal, so 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, beetroot, cheese and cheese coleslaw, and blackcurrent cheesecake with whipped cream and a lemon mousse with orange juice for lunch today. Perhaps a soup as well.

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 12:26:11

In the winter when I need it, I get none at the front and none at the back, as sun makes an arc at the side sad

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 15:43:47

Braved the 3pm dog walk and majority of it was in the shade of the line of tree canopies along the banks of the small canal, with a head on southerly wind. Walking back the same way, didn't feel the breeze, and the last part was full in the sun - I was wilting and perspiring and little furry dog was panting like mad. Latter is now zonked out on the cold kitchen floor.
Was sure the breeze was coming from the east early this morningconfused.
Now for a stay indoors - phew!

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 15:45:21

27 out in the shade and 27 in sitting room. Must draw curtains in west facing bedroom.

S3D1 Sat 06-Jul-13 15:46:51

I hope not long I bloody hate the heat. I sweat and overheat with exercise (normally get very hot doing sort anyway) and feel like doing nothing. My dc much prefer rain and refuse to play outside if it is too hot.

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 15:51:28

There were children playing football in the open fields, but only saw 2 teenage girls in their shorts.
One neighbour is making a racket with some machine or other and I've got my windows open- so disturbing my peace and quiet. There's always one!

ppeatfruit Sat 06-Jul-13 16:26:28

Lucky it wasn't a bonfire as well Digerd! I'm lucky in that the inside of our very old stone house is nice and cool I've got the shutters closed upstairs and the curtains closed in the sitting room. so very pleasant. I've just come in from shopping with the car (i use those silver reflectors to keep the car cool and it had been sitting under a tree since 9am so not bad either!)

forevergreek Sat 06-Jul-13 16:45:57

I think we have the wrong attitude to any heat in the uk. The moment it gets a tad warm everyone strips down to vest tops and short shorts meaning the heat gets straight to your skin

We are currently in Oman ATM with work. It was 38 degrees last time I looked. And funnily it doesn't feel overbearingly hot. We keep apartment shady in day, and do less during the heat. My brother is talking about midday picnics in the uk this weekend, where as here everyone would think you are mad. Sure have a picnic but 6pm when still light but sun not so strong is better.
Also our little ones are now outside as early eve here but in long sleeve linen kaftans, and lightweight cotton shorts. Both have floppy hats on, and just pottering around with some sticks an looking for lizards, nothing too strenuous.

We are back in a month, I'm sure it will be raining again in London then!

valiumredhead Sat 06-Jul-13 16:54:34

It's the mugginess I can't best, cry best I can cope with. I lived abroad (not in the UK for years) and was fine.

valiumredhead Sat 06-Jul-13 16:55:52

Eh? Stupid phone! It's the mugginess I can't cope with, dry heat is better

pollywollydoodle Sat 06-Jul-13 17:10:30

i have ms and if the temp is 22 or above i am like a limp rag ... my legs and brain don't work

i use a Chillow to help cool
You can also get chill vests...not attractive but useful if heat is a serious problem

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 06-Jul-13 17:11:22

Mmmmm cheesecake. I wish we had some!

pollywollydoodle Sat 06-Jul-13 17:13:12


ppeatfruit Sat 06-Jul-13 17:44:09

forevergreek I totally agree with you. IMO it's because we see the sun so rarely we (well not me but a lot of people) forget how dangerous it can be grin i'm in FR. and they're the same as us brits; walking in the midday sun without hats also DCs, even babies without shades on their buggies it's lunacy!

mumofthemonsters808 Sat 06-Jul-13 17:57:36

I'm no lover of the hot weather but I'm trying not to moan too much because I have got off relatively easily in past years as the summer's have been so poor.

GertrudeMorel Sat 06-Jul-13 17:58:37

30 scorchio degrees in our garden this afternoon.

digerd Sat 06-Jul-13 18:04:13

I can't do anything in the muggy heat. Been dry heat today, but could have done with a bit more breeze. Got to go out again with little dog and am waiting a bit for it to cool down, but don't want to be out when the mossies swarm in at dusk.

GameSetAndMatch Sat 06-Jul-13 18:05:46

Op theres been threads about this on AIBU and chat so you're definitely not the only one.

we are also in the SE and have had to come in after only 5 mins outside this morning.

MiniGame has been whinging all day and is so sleepy but cant sleep. neither can I we are definitely winter people and i hate heat for same reasons and more.

and its too hot for a lie in too, meaning some lovely people get up at thye crack of dawn literally and mow their lawns/hedgecutting etc etc. and stay out all hours shouting and stuff.

too hot to open windows, and if you do all the insects come in, food has to be covered all the time and goes rotten quicker too, oh a million and one reasons.

GameSetAndMatch Sat 06-Jul-13 18:14:21

and sorry but 'large' people in stringy vest tops and leggings or shorts that ride up the inner thighs (and thats just me!) and old men with moobs and hairy bits and warts letting at all literally hang out. eeeewwww.

valiumredhead Sat 06-Jul-13 18:21:24

What do you mean by to hot to open the windows? Surely if you open the windows you can feel what little breeze there is?

I've just washed my hair to cool myself down!grin

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