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Here comes the sun....

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OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 04-Jul-13 11:56:08

The sun has got his hat on
Hip Hip Hip Hooray....

Well not quite, but come tomorrow and onwards. Models show it hanging on right through the coming week and into the next shock Potential for storms perhaps later in the modelling period.

Not quite nice for all, especially to start where western areas and Scotland could see much cooler weather. South eastern and central England are currently looking to be the favoured hot spots. Sunday looks to reach mid to high 20's but cooling off a bit on Monday.

It actually looks like the best weather we've had for a few years I think (if you arent about to explode with baby or a hayfever sufferer). Happy days!

mankyscotslass Fri 12-Jul-13 20:05:27

Sweltering here in Manchester, and worried about DS1 - he has a football match tomorrow lunchtime, then a football tournament in the afternoon.

And DD is at a Brownies event in Cheshire, all day - I hope they find shade.

Sparklingbrook Fri 12-Jul-13 20:17:42

DS1 has a football tournament on Sunday manky. sad

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 12-Jul-13 22:50:07

Storm threat is rescinded somewhat tomorrow. Temps do look very hot still. 32 c still seems fairly likely.

Campaspe Sat 13-Jul-13 07:53:54

Kitten, any chance of thunderstorms for the south west? You reckon we've got another 10 days of this do you? sad

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 13-Jul-13 08:43:02

Campaspe at the moment I can't really see any signs of a break down. Some cooler weather at times perhaps (coming weekend?) and the high pressure wobbles about a bit, bringing the hottest temps to different parts of the UK.
No sign of storms in your area - yet. Maybe the NE coast this afternoon and CS England looks interesting Wednesday.

Mirage Sat 13-Jul-13 12:37:52

We rode early today,before it got really hot,but it was still 22.5 at 9.40.The dds are currently in the big paddling pool and I'm planning to walk across the field with them later to swim in their cousin's outdoor pool.Will be interesting to see if we get the thunderstorms later.

digerd Sat 13-Jul-13 13:18:19

Hazy sunshine for a couple of hours now, but 30 in the shade.
Missing the fresh cool breeze we've had the last few days.
Went out with dog at 6.30 am and there was no breath of air confused
It was only 16 but as so muggy felt much hotter.

Did a bit of gardening in the shade until 10am, then it all got too warm and sweaty for me so have been indoors since with front door and back door open to get as much breeze as possible.

Will not be going out again until 7pm. Dog walks are all in the shade thensmile

digerd Sat 13-Jul-13 13:24:48

Sun keeps going in - and I am so relieved when it does- but not for long enough.

digerd Sat 13-Jul-13 15:23:06

Just got up from a 90 minute kip and still 30 degrees and sunny and not much breeze. Dog flaked out on her back, cooling her tummy from the bit of breeze coming through open doorssmile. Sun moved round to the back now. 27.5 in the sunless room though, but still cooler in than out.

Parmarella Sat 13-Jul-13 15:37:49

32 in the shade in Hants!

Tiny Bit of a breeze though.

Is it too hot to do a bbq? Can it be too hot to one? Will it be too hot for guests to sit on our patio?!

Shall we sit in paddling pool?
Delicious dilemmas

Mirage Sat 13-Jul-13 18:42:11

No storms here,there there a few spots of rain an a few rumbles at about 4.30,but nothing else.Car thermometer says 28.

digerd Sat 13-Jul-13 18:56:34

Clouds have all disappeared now. Little bit of breeze but it's a warm one. Took little dog out at 6.15 and even in the shade was too warm to walk - should have taken my spanish fan with me. Fluffy little dog was panting heavily so did just a short walk.
So looking forward to our 6.30 am walk in the cool air tomorrowsmile

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 13-Jul-13 19:02:17

Managed to get to 33C here. Quite warm really!

NoComet Sat 13-Jul-13 19:12:19

BBQ had turned into burgers in a frying pan as it's too hot out in the garden. The kitchen is out the sun this late and the blinds been down.

StillSlightlyCrumpled Sat 13-Jul-13 19:23:17

Nicely toasty here in Leicestershire car read 31. Dog unhappy outside & has laid on the floor tiles most of the day. Off to North Devon on Monday and crossing fingers it stays nice smile.

digerd Sat 13-Jul-13 19:59:58

Poor dogs in this heat, mine loves the cold winter.

digerd Sun 14-Jul-13 07:02:50

Just been out with little dog and it is already suffocating with no breath of air and much warmer than yesterday at this time. Little dog decided she'd had enough after 10 minutes and refused to go any further.
Where is the fresh breeze we've enjoyed last week? < just when I need it? confused>

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 14-Jul-13 08:07:29

Already 19c.
Not going to be so warm in Scotland, esp western side.

digerd Sun 14-Jul-13 15:34:03

When the sky cleared at 7am the air was fresh and clear. Managed to stay fresh until 2pm.
So what went wrong at 3pmconfused?
The fresh air has disappeared and is close and oppressive<sobs>
The sky has hazed over somewhat, so that must be the reason.?

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 14-Jul-13 19:56:30

It is pretty humid!

Some hints from GFS of a cool down at around the 23rd but there aren't enough indicators that will happen.

In the mean time el scorchio for most though fringe coastal counties could struggle a bit at times.

Sparklingbrook Sun 14-Jul-13 19:58:05

I told you so. The minute the schools break up-sheet rain/gales. You mark my words. Humph.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 14-Jul-13 20:01:47

Honestly, it's just a little hint and GFS is famed for forecasting non existing breakdowns.

Sparklingbrook Sun 14-Jul-13 20:04:01

Mmmm. I am too scared to even dream that this summer will be dry. grin

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 14-Jul-13 20:13:44

I really really hope that this wasn't a result of the heat. sad

digerd Mon 15-Jul-13 09:14:32

Brilliant blue sky atm and air is clear and fresh. Could have a stronger breeze though.

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