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Weather warning for tomorrow (Tuesday 14th)

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GloriaSmud Mon 13-May-13 20:08:34

issued by the metoffice for the South West, Wales and up to the Midlands. Lots of wind, rain and even the s word (snow) was mentioned on the BBC lunchtime forecast (that's probably more over high ground though.)

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 13-May-13 20:17:52

Thanks for the heads up smile looking at it, snow is possible for the tops of the welsh mountains. Else where from approx Birmingham southwards very wet and pretty windy.

GloriaSmud Tue 14-May-13 06:38:26

Think it's a bit of a 'calm before the storm' thing here (Leicester) this morning. Sun's out, birds are singing and it's 7c. Hope the forecasters are right about their timing as I've just got the washing out before the rain arrives!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 14-May-13 07:42:27

Looks to be around the Thames Valley/southern Wales line by 1pm. by 4pm doesn't see the main band move north but sees showers escaping into the midlands. 7pm it's scraping into the Yorkshire area and that's as far as it goes until the early hours.

kneedeepindaisies Tue 14-May-13 07:43:58

Any idea if it will reach the South Coast?

Light grey clouds at the moment but not windy.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 14-May-13 08:01:58

It starts at the south coast! grin heaviest in the west though.

kneedeepindaisies Tue 14-May-13 08:25:19

I'll let you know when it starts then grin

Wind is picking up now.

PestoSwimissimos Tue 14-May-13 08:47:45

It's not raining yet here - outskirts of Brighton. But the clouds are looking very ominous...

ajandjjmum Tue 14-May-13 08:57:38

It's beautiful here in the West Midlands too at the moment.

kneedeepindaisies Tue 14-May-13 09:44:15

We have light rain and wind on the South Coast.

HesterShaw Tue 14-May-13 10:40:20

Steady rain here in Cornwall but not really any wind. Dunno where that bit came from.

I'm keen to know what Friday will be like. It looks like a small, tight low will spin up and send some strong easterlies our way. Looks freezing again.

PestoSwimissimos Tue 14-May-13 10:47:50

Raining now and I feel cccold sad

GloriaSmud Tue 14-May-13 11:43:24

Clouded over a bit here and 12.6c.

Hester ~ does look blowy on Friday, especially over the SW but really wouldn't like to be in the Channel/Irish Sea over the weekend and into Monday. You're right about the temperatures ~ 3 and 4c for us Saturday night ~ 'tis looking chilly. <ponders on when summer's due to start. Or maybe Spring starting would be good>

HesterShaw Tue 14-May-13 11:52:56

In that case I would like that little low to spin off elsewhere sad

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 14-May-13 13:14:57

I'm convinced there will be new weather warnings for the weekend. Some exceptionally heavy rain now showing.

Tonight some coastal flooding is just about possible along the south around high tide time.

HesterShaw Tue 14-May-13 17:33:34

We just had a gust of 69mph shockshockshock

It's MAY FFS!!!

HesterShaw Tue 14-May-13 17:52:28

More shouting required - WE JUST HAD A BLINKING POWER CUT!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 14-May-13 17:55:47

stupid weather.

PestoSwimissimos Tue 14-May-13 18:43:43

Just seen n the weather forecast that there's the possibility of snow over the Pennines shock

OnTheNingNangNong Tue 14-May-13 18:48:00

We're having lashings of rain, mixed with an easterly wing and high tides- the town is in for flooding, again. sad

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 14-May-13 19:27:54

It is possible pesto, if it rains hard enough.

kneedeepindaisies Tue 14-May-13 19:37:27

Apparently there is flooding between bournemouth and Southampton. I'm guessing in the New Forest.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 14-May-13 19:52:23

Already. Blimey.

GloriaSmud Tue 14-May-13 20:17:39

Heavy rain started here just in time for the school run at 3.15pm and hasn't stopped since. It's now 7.5c and I've put the heating back on as I'm so cold <pulls rug over knees>

Raintoday shows where the rain is ~ looks like South/Mid Wales is getting a heavy load of it atm.

SconeInSixtySeconds Tue 14-May-13 20:25:59

Had a shed load here of rain here <technical term> in the West Mids. My poor chickens are utterly bedraggled sad

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