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Did anyone else feel the earth tremor last night?

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Mirage Thu 28-Feb-13 13:03:43

It was at 5 to 12,loud noise like a train approaching and the house creaked.I was awake but it woke DH up.No damage thankfully.We are in Leicestershire.According to the BGS it was centred around Long Eaton,Notts.

GloriaSnow Thu 28-Feb-13 21:02:52

Leicester Forest East area and it didn't wake me (and I'm such a light sleeper that a mouse moving a pebble outside will have me wide awake!) and DH, who would have been awake at the time, says he didn't feel anything either.

Think this might be the BGS summary of it here.

Mirage Fri 01-Mar-13 13:11:46

That's the one 'Gloria*.Turns out my dad in the next village heard it too,but is rather hard of hearing and thought it was a loud jet

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