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Am I the only one

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Reaa Tue 22-Jan-13 09:36:47

Who has slipped over in the snow/ice and hurt themselves?

digerd Tue 22-Jan-13 10:47:00

Not yet, as wear german boots and plod - no striding- and weight slightly forwards. Doesn't look elegant, but am at the age where safety is more important than breaking bones. And if I fell over now, I wouldn't be able to get up again even with no broken bones.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Tue 22-Jan-13 10:47:50

Nope. I stacked it on Friday and now have a seriously bruised arse.

2Tired2GiveaShit Tue 22-Jan-13 10:49:59

I slipped before christmas on black ice and really hurt myself, cracked head off kerb, bruised most of my left side and sprained my ankle...

DiamondDoris Tue 22-Jan-13 11:18:15

Slipped a few times but not over yet. I agree - plodding is good with weight forward. I wear yaktrax which help. DP fell over today and squashed his bananas in rucksack, poor thing.

Sparklingbrook Tue 22-Jan-13 11:19:16

Where is the best place to get Yaktrax from? I have heard wonderful things. I haven't fallen over yet.

Sparklingbrook Tue 22-Jan-13 11:19:49

sad at 'squashed bananas' Diamond.

digerd Tue 22-Jan-13 12:11:15

Yes, the cracking of head is the most dangerous- we should all wear a crash helmet too. But I don't go out if not absolutely necessary.
Hope DD will drop me off at PO shop and wait for me to get more milk, and then to Drs to put in my repeat prescription< just round the corner>, due this week. But then I have to collect pills and potions myself by Saturday. Too late to order a crash helmet as won't get delivered in time< peeved face>

digerd Tue 22-Jan-13 12:17:40

Been taking little dog for walks at back of garden on river bank on vergin snow, except for my and littledogs foot and paw prints. Had no trouble slipping, but hang onto the archway when I walk across frozen fish pond on my curved bridge to get to the river bank. Pond pump frozen up I noticed this morning after -7 last night< probably colder as always is at the back, but sensor is at the front on my wall by front door.

DiamondDoris Tue 22-Jan-13 12:46:36

Sparklingbrook re yaktrax (and there other makes too) can be found at Coltswold, Millets and other outdoor/camping kind of shops. I think Lidl sell something similar. If no luck, look online but you may not want to wait.

Sparklingbrook Tue 22-Jan-13 12:49:58

Thanks Diamond i will have a look. I am currently walking like an elderly person hanging on to the walls. sad

Reaa Wed 23-Jan-13 13:17:44

Sparkling-that's how I am now walking lol

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