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Storm pictures from Scotland

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mankyscotslass Sat 15-Dec-12 17:30:47


And a crewman has died on a support vessel in the North Sea, which was hit by large waves. sad

overtheseatocalais Sun 16-Dec-12 08:19:02

Shockingly ferocious waves. Very sad news for the crewman, family and colleagues.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Mon 17-Dec-12 07:46:42

Nasty sad very sad news about the crewman.

Piemistress Thu 27-Dec-12 22:44:12

This was five mins from me :

OhyouMerryLittleKitten Thu 27-Dec-12 23:35:52

That is bad sad so muck of the UK really struggling atm.

OhyouMerryLittleKitten Fri 28-Dec-12 10:47:48

wind warnings for nE scotland

OhyouMerryLittleKitten Fri 28-Dec-12 10:47:58

sorry, NW Scotland. duh!

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