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Interesting/useful websites

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alcibiades Sun 09-Dec-12 17:59:01

I've been thinking for a while that it could be useful to have one thread in the Weather topic for people to post links to interesting or informative websites. Yesterday, someone posted on the uk.sci.weather newsgroup this link:

rgsweather.wordpress.com/ which is the Reigate Grammar School weather station. There are interesting screen-caps with explanations.

Another site I like to look at is: www.yr.no/satellitt/europa_animasjon.html because seeing how the clouds are moving over a much larger area than the MetOffice shows does help me get a better understanding of where the weather is moving from and to.

So, what other sites do weather fans look at?

JammySplodger Mon 10-Dec-12 13:28:40

We use metcheck quite alot, it's good for heading up onto the hills (especially as it has a mobile version), though tends to stay on the cautious side.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Mon 10-Dec-12 19:13:11

Tis a good idea,
Will add to it when I get a proper chance smile

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 10-Dec-12 19:22:35

Pitsford School has a weather station similar to the Reigate School one. Useful for us Northamptonshire folks.

Pitsford School Weather Centre

cumfy Mon 14-Jan-13 15:08:39


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