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Hurricane sandy

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OhYouBigBadBeast Fri 26-Oct-12 22:09:18

Looking potentially very serious indeed for the eastern seaboard of the US, perhaps including NYC if some models are correct. The storm will probably be extra tropical but nevertheless if it interacts with a trough modelled off the east coast that could bring down arctic air then the result could be approaching catastrophic, with utterly torrential rain, severe blizzards, hurricane force winds and severe storm surges all being possible.

I think people will be getting very worried about this. Mon tues weds are the days to be watching. Lets hope the storm turns east away from the us coast.

LadyEvilBeagle Sun 28-Oct-12 21:45:18

It's all sounding very Day After Tomorrow isn't it?

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:54:40

It certainly does sound like its out of a movie! Especially with the elections in a week and the way it suddenly turns and aims at NYC.

Add in today's 7.7 mag earthquake off western Canada and the tsunami warnings for Hawaii that turned out to be a false alarm.....

vixcyn Sun 28-Oct-12 21:55:44

From Boston..the governor of Massachusetts has requested all schools in the state be closed for tomorrow. He has asked that all employers allow their employees to work at home tomorrow.
From my brother on shift with MSP..he has called to for petrol stations to break up fights at the pumps..

vixcyn Sun 28-Oct-12 21:56:43

Should have been..he has been called to four petrol stations for disturbances..

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:57:31

I don't envy your brother vixcyn.

vixcyn Sun 28-Oct-12 22:02:16

Me neither, OYBBB..all my brothers are police or medics...I worry constantly..

blackcurrants Sun 28-Oct-12 22:14:52

The big problem for most people outside of New York City (we live an hour away in NJ, think living in Kent, commuter-wise) is that powerlines are overhead, not underground. I'm not (thankfully) living on a NJ flood plain (though a friend that IS, is also 3 days overdue with her second baby. NOT fun for her!) but if the winds blow down a lot of trees, which they will, and a few trees bring down the lines bringing power to our houses... well, as well as potentially flooded basements, we'll have no electricity for at minimum the duration of the storm (48 hours, they're saying around here) and quite possibly a few days after that.
We were lucky during Irene - had power the whole time, and so just enjoyed a few days off (I was actually in England visiting family with DS, so DH and the dog 'ate ice cream and played xbox together' - apparently!) but the next street over from us had no power for 6 days. Which is quite a long time, really, specially if you have little children, and/or work online from home (us!).

All the supermarkets nearby have sold out of bottled water. I've filled a few bottles and tupperware bits with clean water in case of the worst, but am not actually ready for being cut off for days and days. My work and DH's work have said they're not opening tomorrow, so I expect we'll just have a relatively cooped up and fractious toddler to entertain for a rainy, windy day, rather than anything worse. It's more fun when we get time off for terrible snow storms, at least then we all enjoy playing out in it!

blackcurrants Sun 28-Oct-12 22:16:34

vix that must be very hard to cope with - I'm such a worrier, I couldn't manage it! We're just taking everyone's advice not to travel, apart from a couple of pissing wet dog walks and letting DS run riot in the back garden, I don't think we'll be doing much adventuring tomorrow. I've got heaps of sorting-the-house-before-the-baby-comes that I want to do, so I might deputize DH into shifting some stuff around in the loft smile

Cybbo Sun 28-Oct-12 22:31:56

My daughter on an art trip to New York at the moment. Has been told to stay in her hotel and has bought rations! Was supposed to fly home Monday overnight but flight cancelled, they're lo

Cybbo Sun 28-Oct-12 22:32:25

Looking at tues late or Wednesday now . She's hacked off!

skyebluezombie Sun 28-Oct-12 22:32:42

blackcurrants - hope everybody is ok xx

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 22:35:07

Am off to bed, but thinking of those of you preparing for tomorrow.

vixcyn Sun 28-Oct-12 22:37:00

My entire family is filled with police,medics and military, Blackcurrants. I pray lots and text like mad!
Please be careful. I remember what those storm days were like in the US.

HairyMaclary Sun 28-Oct-12 22:46:25

Their flight has just been cancelled, now I need to drop them off at my parents house! Oh well, at least they know. Am a bit gutted for them though, the was the start of a very well planned career break, I hope they get to fly in soon and the storm blows past as uneventfully as possible.

ScarePhyllis Sun 28-Oct-12 23:24:50

Thinking of those of you on the coast. I am in Central NY, in the bit wot got flooded after Lee last year. Also worried about power and flooding as I live next to a creek. My university says its going to be operating as normal, but has told everyone to put fuel in their cars and charge all computers and phones etc. and get cash in case ATMs are out. I went shopping this morning, so am good for a week.

Someone said to me this evening that the supermarket parking lot is already flooded hmm.

vixcyn Sun 28-Oct-12 23:27:34

Please be safe ScarePhyllis...flooding is so frightening..

blackcurrants Mon 29-Oct-12 00:43:22

We're lucky, the most we are really at risk from is inconvenience , no power, and maybe a falling tree branch. I hope everyone else stays safe!

Want2bSupermum Mon 29-Oct-12 01:07:57

Bit worried about the trees and power outages as wires are overhead. I picked DH up from the airport this evening and it is great he is back home. We waited for him at Ikea and there were many more flights landing than taking off. The roads were clear too which is unusual for a Sunday afternoon.

School is cancelled tomorrow and daycare is shut. I was scheduled to sit a part of my CPA exam on Tuesday but paid the $60 to reschedule it since a spot opened up for Friday. They have closed the testing center tomorrow so those people will be rescheduled tomorrow and take up the open slots that are remaining. Better to get in ahead of them as the testing center is in the middle of a flood zone so will probably be closed on Tuesday as well.

My storm prep has been to buy milk for DD so we have enough until Wednesday, fill the tank of the car and park the cars away from where trees can fall on them. Don't understand the rush on the supermarkets. We will be eating frozen food if the power goes out. On Friday I called our public works and had them pick up the leaves I bagged as I can't lift them myself and we are close to a drain. Tomorrow morning DH will pull the leaves back from the curb before work and drain to make sure there are no blockages and drainage is as quick as possible.

Princess Tell your brother to buy a case of water. If there is flooding don't drink the tap water. CVS, dwane reade or Walgreens should have water. A case will cost about $5.

vixcyn Mon 29-Oct-12 01:15:30

Want2be, my brother said the shelves were cleared of water at Walmarts in Boston, area. Supposed to get more in early tomorrow..

ScarePhyllis Mon 29-Oct-12 01:22:46

Just looking at the local news and apparently all the water and generators have sold out in my town ... think I might try early tomorrow morning.

expatinscotland Mon 29-Oct-12 01:24:14

It is looking frightening. I have two first cousins, one in NJ and the other in NY.

expatinscotland Mon 29-Oct-12 01:27:40

It's so late in the year.

Being from Texas, I have been through hurricanes. Thankfully the worst of it was no power during very hot weather which meant no air con and mosquitos.

My sister lives in Galveston County and they bought generators years ago .

They stayed for Hurricane Ike and were able to use the generators to run enough and for wall unit a/c in one room.

This thing is supposed to hit a nor'easter it's pretty scary.

Viperidae Mon 29-Oct-12 01:31:30

My DS and girlfriend are in NYC, flight home was Sunday and was cancelled. Hard for them as they will be in a hotel so can't be prepared as you would at home.

We are just praying that they and everybody out there will be safe.

expatinscotland Mon 29-Oct-12 01:31:36

It's those live wires and all that water that's frightening for those in the hurricane, and tornadoes for those farther inland.

Stuff just slices power lines and there's live wires in the street and flood waters.

One time, during Hurricane Alicia, our ignorant idiot neighbour in back had a swimming pool enclosed with cheap awning while he waited for permission to enclose it properly.

A piece of that awning broke off and spliced the power lines. I'll never forget seeing our backyard as an electrical storm from the window when some of those lines touched down and our yard was full of standing water.

No power for a week, either, thanks to his being such a fool.

In Texas horrid things like fire ants and water mocassins get in the flood water, too.

wentshopping Mon 29-Oct-12 01:35:04

I agree (from here in Houston) with expat about the worst but being without power afterwards. The storm itself can be pretty noisy (sounds like a train?) - we stayed put for Hurricane Ike, and we were 11 days without power. At least it was not too hot for the first few days. Tap water not safe to drink as the water plants were not working. We went to the grocery store every day and ate so much pasta helper cooked outside on a camping stove. Our local Baskin Robbins was open before we got power back, so used to go there and cool off and eat ice cream obviously.
Battery operated radio a good idea as you can listen for updates about power and water.
Good luck to all on east coast and those hoping to travel in/out.

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