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your best guesses for weather mid/ end September

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3duracellbunnies Tue 04-Sep-12 11:23:02

Hoping for outdoor party for ds, will it be an Indian summer?

GloriaSmud Tue 04-Sep-12 21:03:17

Think it's a bit far ahead to tell as weather charts don't really go that far ahead but theweatheroutlook has a go at a long range forecast here.

OhYouGreatGreatBritain Tue 04-Sep-12 22:11:47

I never forecast that far ahead, but you can also look at the met office monthly forecast here

NickyNackyNooNoo Tue 04-Sep-12 22:12:58

Possibly sunny periods with scattered showers wink

Assume the worst and anything else is a bonus grin

3duracellbunnies Tue 04-Sep-12 22:24:28

Thanks, thinking of going for a fortnight on Sunday, not too many people (4 other families) but would be nice to have a bit more space in a park. Will try to go for the earlier weekend.

OhYouGreatGreatBritain Wed 05-Sep-12 18:15:03

oh, I can look for a fortnight smile

OhYouGreatGreatBritain Wed 05-Sep-12 18:16:21

doh, no I cant, only goes up to 21st Sept. I thought we were closer to the end of the week than that. Remind me in a couple of days smile

OhBuggerandArse Wed 05-Sep-12 18:18:08

Ooh, I want to know for that Sunday too! Will be bugging you again in a couple of days...

OhBuggerandArse Fri 07-Sep-12 09:33:49

Here's the reminder! Party planners await your wisdom....

MirandaWest Fri 07-Sep-12 09:34:38

DDs party is 22nd September. Would quite like to be able to chuck them outside a bit!

OhYouGreatGreatBritain Sat 08-Sep-12 08:50:20

You know something, at the moment that Sunday is looking pretty good on the gfs charts - with high pressure building over the UK smile of course that outlook may change over the coming days, but for the time being......

OhBuggerandArse Sat 08-Sep-12 18:01:34

Ooh, thank you! Fingers crossed...

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 11-Sep-12 07:45:03

Looking good still away from parts of Scotland where it may be a bit damp.

OhBuggerandArse Tue 11-Sep-12 21:50:08

Argh. Which parts of Scotland?

(You do realise if it rains I will have to clean up the house so they can have the party indoors? It's vital to avoid this disastrous eventuality if at all possible!)

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 12-Sep-12 07:30:39

Mostly western and northern Scotland, with some showers for a time perhaps in centralAl areas. Edinburgh being affected for a bit.

3duracellbunnies Wed 12-Sep-12 21:31:37

Just come back to this thread. We are in SE, invites are out now for 23rd. How much notice will I have to clean the house? At what point would you say that the forecast is fairly reliable, at the moment it seems to be fairly dry on some forecasts but maybe rain the week after. Bites nails and scans forecast when should just get on and clean anyway

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 12-Sep-12 22:36:52

Will try and come back tomorrow night but I'd generally say at around 5 days you have a reasonable idea. Problem is at this time of year that ex-hurricanes can be a nuisance without that much warning.

OhBuggerandArse Sat 15-Sep-12 09:53:46

Oh dear, not looking good here. Is this definitive, do you think?

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 15-Sep-12 10:59:34

Finding that a very slow website! It def is not definitive, partly because it will be based on just one model but also, it's a long way off still to be forecasting with any accuracy. So fret not yet!

OhBuggerandArse Tue 18-Sep-12 08:48:32

Any advance on our rainy Sunday in Edinburgh yet? I think I'm going to have to clean up the house...

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 18-Sep-12 13:19:45

You'll need to clean the house I think. Looking wet.

3duracellbunnies Tue 18-Sep-12 18:21:40

Three websites in SE, one has no rain on Sunday, one has 60 percent chance, another has 80 percent chance. Am part way through tidying house but will need to start on cake soon. Have a feeling we may go down to the wire, as Sun seems to be the rain day, so I guess it could still shift to sat or mon (prays to weather gods)!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 18-Sep-12 19:50:27

It's a really complicated set up with ex hurricane nadine potentially interactive with troughs across the Atlantic. A deepish low may or may not form and if it does it may be very wet and very windy. The models are really split at the moment with some resulting in nothing and some resulting in a proper autumn storm. I'm keeping a close eye on it.

3duracellbunnies Tue 18-Sep-12 20:59:33

Oh that sounds er unpredictable! Will keep cleaning and watching. How much warning do you think we will get of the end of a hurricane?

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 18-Sep-12 21:40:01

I honestly don't know when we'll have a better idea I'm afraid, hopefully the models will start converging over the next couple of days.

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