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please tell me it is going to be warm and dry next week.

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TaggieMandevilleBlack Wed 08-Aug-12 08:26:33

in dorset.


JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 08-Aug-12 08:30:37

It's meant to get much better towards the end of this week in the south

OhYouGreatGreatBritain Thu 09-Aug-12 08:17:38

fraid it reverts back to type on Sunday. Not every day will be wet (tuesday looks ok). Wednesday looks hideous at the moment I'm afraid.

Lilyloo Thu 09-Aug-12 08:21:11

I would make the most of the next few days looks like it breaking again on Sunday sad

TaggieMandevilleBlack Thu 09-Aug-12 08:40:21

Kitten. I simply don't brlieve you.

In Dorset it is going to be a steady 27 degrees with blue skys snd a gentle breeze.

The brats will be cheerful, pleasant and a joy to be with.

DH won't irritate nor bore me.

I will suddenly lose 4 stone effortlesly and be blonde.

And the dun will shine.

TaggieMandevilleBlack Thu 09-Aug-12 08:40:43

Sun dammit.

MirandaWest Thu 09-Aug-12 08:43:27

How about Northumberland <hopeful>

OhYouGreatGreatBritain Thu 09-Aug-12 13:06:17

Miranda I'd likely say yes, it will be lovely, won't.

MirandaWest Thu 09-Aug-12 13:07:52

Will it be better than 13 degrees and keep raining (this was last years weather on holiday)

OhYouGreatGreatBritain Thu 09-Aug-12 13:14:31

Well, it may be a little warmer than that. At least you know what you are getting into grin

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