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Summer's returned for a few days, post your temperatures here!

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GloriaSmud Sun 22-Jul-12 15:19:56

Hitting 24C here (Leicester)

mankyscotslass Wed 25-Jul-12 16:01:45

25 here, been mostly overcast - it's very humid

Ohyoubadbadkitten Wed 25-Jul-12 16:03:06

I'd say 41c is a bit too warm! But I don't think that's a temp measured by a good weather station is it? can only find 32c (am very pedantic about Temp measurement I'm afraid)

GloriaSmud Wed 25-Jul-12 16:40:43

A bit of a cool down would be nice. The sun can stay but not the humidity ~ 'twas 'orribly muggy last night. It's been quite nice today as there's more of a breeze and it's slightly cooler than yesterday. It's still 28C or so atm though!

Madsometimes Wed 25-Jul-12 16:48:32

30.2 in our garden, which tallies well with the met office data of 30.4 at 4 pm (SE London).

Hopefully back to the seaside tomorrow to escape the Olympics heat.

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