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Greek island in October?

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MarshaBrady Thu 04-Aug-11 09:13:10

Too much rain? Have you been, did you still do lots of swimming at the beach etc

PacificDogwood Thu 04-Aug-11 09:14:34

Oh, marking my place, I'd love to know too smile

MarshaBrady Thu 04-Aug-11 09:15:35

welcome smile

There's some deals out there, are you looking at them too? grin

Bonsoir Thu 04-Aug-11 09:24:06

If you want a FAB hotel in Saint Tropez, we just got back and cannot recommend too highly... smile

MarshaBrady Thu 04-Aug-11 09:25:42

Ooh yes please Bonsoir. How lovely! thank you

Bonsoir Thu 04-Aug-11 09:26:37

La Ferme d'Augustin

Bonsoir Thu 04-Aug-11 09:28:25

You can get babysitters (daughters of the hotel staff) for EUR 12 - 15 per hour if you want to go out in the evening. Hotel is über child friendly and service is abundant and generous (rare in France!). Food is fab.

MarshaBrady Thu 04-Aug-11 09:30:54

Oh that is gorgeous. I am looking into to it, thanks.

Might have to go el cheapo Greek Island, but it looks so nice.

MarshaBrady Thu 04-Aug-11 09:31:21

Did you have a really nice holiday?

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 04-Aug-11 09:34:14

We did Crete many years ago in October (beginning of) It was sunny enough for dh to burn, though that can't be guaranteed!

The sea will still be very warm - it takes time to cool down. i think to maximise your chance of drier weather I'd chose one of the Islands on the east side (or if you do crete, on the eastern side) as low pressures start to move in from the atlantic at that time of year and it could give you some protection from any early bad weather.

Bonsoir Thu 04-Aug-11 09:35:10

Yes, we had one of our very best ever family summer holidays! It was so relaxing. The hotel was super peaceful but Saint Trop shopping/cafés/sleb spotting was right on the doorstep (the hotel can chauffeur you for EUR 5 a journey) and there were lovely outdoor restaurants nearby (will give you addresses if you decide to go!).

MarshaBrady Thu 04-Aug-11 09:40:54

Thanks BadKitten, yes to eastern side phew! (love this weather topic)

Bonsoir, so pleased, that sounds divine. We need a holiday like that! Not just the usual holiday to Australia (which is yes lovely, but very well worn).

orangina Thu 04-Aug-11 09:49:48

Just back from Greece, which is not cheapo AT ALL. If you do really want to go though, then I would say Crete in OCtober should be lovely. Otherwise, you could always head to somewhere like Egypt, which should be lovely, and is much more cost effective. Not too hot in October. What about the Red Sea?

MarshaBrady Thu 04-Aug-11 10:19:22

Done, holiday in Crete booked! It is much cheaper in October, plus big discount. So same in August would be about £7k. This is much, much less.

Bonsoir will keep your hotel bookmarked for next one as it is so lovely.

Thanks all. Finally a holiday that is not the usual! smile

sockpoppet Thu 04-Aug-11 10:28:39

Hope its nice,going to corfu in late Sept.

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