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Weather warnings for eastern bits of England..

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GloriaSmud Wed 03-Aug-11 12:17:29

from the metoffice.
Certainly hot and humid here in Leicester (thinks it's about 27C atm), so might get a few storms later on.

mankyscotslass Wed 03-Aug-11 12:23:41

Hot and humid here too. (Manchester)

25C and 63% humidity.

It was sunny first thing, but cloudy and grey now.

GloriaSmud Wed 03-Aug-11 12:53:33

Last night was unbearably hot ~ think it was 1.30am before I got to sleep <adjusts matchsticks that are holding eyes open!>

My terrocotta garden thermometer says it's hit 30C. I'm wondering whether to evict DDs from their paddling pool and go in myself!

mankyscotslass Wed 03-Aug-11 13:24:25

I hate it being warm at night!

I'm trying to get all my washing done before the rain kicks in tonight/tomorrow!

DeepPurple Wed 03-Aug-11 13:25:39

It's been hot this morning but it's just started bucketing down! I'm in Yorkshire.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 03-Aug-11 13:35:22

certainly potential for thunderstorms today.

mankyscotslass Wed 03-Aug-11 13:43:20

We went to the park yestyerday, on the way home we got caught in a wet, bikes soaked, us soaked.

We were all yelling with laughter by the time we got home, drenched.

Much to the amusement of the neighbours!

CaveMum Wed 03-Aug-11 13:46:55

Scorching hot here in Suffolk, haven't got a thermometer to hand but I suspect it is about 28C.
It's clear blue sky at the moment but I'm sure we'll have a downpour before the end of the day.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 03-Aug-11 14:37:42

Probably a pretty good guess Cavemum!
28C here. It has that 'brassy' feel to the weather.

CaveMum Wed 03-Aug-11 17:31:09

The cloud is building and there are done thunderous looking clouds in the distance!

GloriaSmud Wed 03-Aug-11 17:38:50

Has just hammered it down here and had a rumble of thunder! It came on really suddenly; the wind was so strong that several of our windows closed by themselves (no window catches to keep them open) with the force of it!

LawrieMarlow Wed 03-Aug-11 17:40:54

I'm in York and there was a massive cloudburst earlier on complete with thunder, lightening and hail. Temp was about 26 now down to 19. Sunny again now though .

colditz Wed 03-Aug-11 17:42:31

it's been storming up a goodun (Leicestershire)

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 03-Aug-11 18:06:12

those storms sound pretty cool smile glorious and 26C. The coming rain is going to be a bit of a shock!

mankyscotslass Wed 03-Aug-11 18:11:53

Still humid here! Sunny at times, cloudy at others.

Horribly humid. I've just been out to check on the washing on the line, and I am sweating buckets. Yuck!

LawrieMarlow Wed 03-Aug-11 18:45:18

I think the thunderstorm (or the lightning part) has made my burglar alarm go wild. Am not happy with the piercing sound sad

mankyscotslass Wed 03-Aug-11 19:01:50

Storm clouds building to the East, but still bright(ish) overhead and to the west.

CaveMum Wed 03-Aug-11 19:08:39

It's finally starting to break - thunder is rumbling in the distance.

talkingnonsense Wed 03-Aug-11 19:36:11

It's been 30* here in Kent and no sign of rain- but there is now a bit of a breeze, thank goodness.

mankyscotslass Wed 03-Aug-11 20:51:50

Clear skies here now, no storm, norain. sad

mankyscotslass Thu 04-Aug-11 08:40:50

woke at 5 - still no rain.

Got up at 8.30 blush, there is a fine steady drizzle that has soaked everything.

No storm. sad

KatyMac Thu 04-Aug-11 08:45:14

No storm in East Norfolk but a downpouring of torrential rain about 7:15pm

& an electric cut about 90 minutes later

GloriaSmud Thu 04-Aug-11 09:04:26

We've got drizzly rain too. Looks like it's going to be a very wet day.

WyrdMother Thu 04-Aug-11 09:08:31

In South Norfolk drizzle now but glorious ride of the Valkries thunderstorm last night. Bliss.

Looks like it's an indoor day though.

WyrdMother Thu 04-Aug-11 09:09:40

Valkyries even grin

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