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Weather warnings for 26-28th December....

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winterpetunia Sun 26-Dec-10 07:54:23

The metoffice are a bit worried about this weather front that's coming in from the west. Looking at the TV forecasts yesterday, the impression I got was that either the band of rain they're forecasting will start off as heavy snow followed by rain or that it will be rain straight away, which will fall on to frozen ground with the result being icy roads.

DanceInTheDark Sun 26-Dec-10 08:47:15

They have issued heavy snow warnings to certain areas via twitter already.I can't remember where but I know its NW England.

DanceInTheDark Sun 26-Dec-10 08:47:15

They have issued heavy snow warnings to certain areas via twitter already.I can't remember where but I know its NW England.

winterpetunia Sun 26-Dec-10 11:54:57

Updated warnings. Tuesday looks bad for England.

mankyscotslass Sun 26-Dec-10 11:58:59

I'm keeping an eye on that system, DSIL is supposed to be travelling from Wales to Manchester for DFIL birthday on Tuseday. sad

Thanks for the early warning!

It looks like the end of the week will be warmer than it's been, but I think it's going to freeze again in the New year!

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 14:35:14

Thank you for posting this Petunia It looks like the timing for the weather coming in from the atlantic is becoming tied down. Much slower than it looked a couple of days ago.

Glitterknickaz Sun 26-Dec-10 14:46:33

Is the snow forecast for Tuesday likely to hit my part of W Sussex, OYBBK? Only mum wants the kids overnight Mon, and if it does snow Tue AM there's not a hope in hell they will get out of the village. If there's the slightest chance they'll get snowed in I won't send them.

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 16:47:45

hang on - will just have a look

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 17:23:51

ok - some timings. The timings are likely to vary from this so please don't plan things too finely! also I or the models could be very wrong!!!! Borderline snow/rain situations are notoriously difficult to get right accurately. They can give a lot more rain or conversely a lot more snow than expected.

At the moment though GFS and UKMO look quite in agreement to start before they start diverging later in the period.

To summarise the situation, we have a warm front moving in from the west. Ahead of it is a lot of precipitation which will in general start as snow and then as it moves across the snow will become rain.

This evening: western-middle Scotland and NI
Midnight - Western Wales (some lighter snow through central Wales) Maybe rain or snow in far SW. Unsure which.

Dawn Monday: Heavier snow through nothern England, lighter snow anywhere away from SE and EA

lunchtime Monday: GFS shows it retreating west a bit! UKMO does not.

Monday evening: GFS shows across the whole of the UK (maybe some exceptions in Scotland for a bit?) This is when the UKMO shows a bit of a retreat of the precip back west!

Monday midnight: some reprieve in nothern and western Scotland maybe. maybe not. Heavy snow for central and western midlands and Wales. Generally possibly quite snowy elsewhere. UKMO shows it not reaching the north east yet.

Tuesday dawn - Precipitation everywhere. Much of it snow. Particularly heavy in the midlands and north SW beginning to look positively too warm for snow.

Tuesday lunchtime - This is where it gets tricky for me. A lot of heavy precipitation. In the NE snow. SW rain. Elsewhere, I am really unsure.

glitternickz - I think there is a reasonble chance of some snow for you early tuesday morning, but the upper temps are quite marginal so not sure.

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 17:25:05

(oof, that was quite hard work!)

SantaClausImWorthIt Sun 26-Dec-10 17:37:14

Oh no. I'm supposed to be driving to Leeds (from SW London) on Tuesday, for Christmas with my family sad

It was bad enough getting to and from Cardiff last weekend, I really don't want to have to go through it all again!

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 18:07:29

I hope it is ok for you BIWI. Would be best for all I think if it was more of a rain even than a snow event. (though the ice caused by rain falling on frozen ground would be hellish.)

I hear on the news that many flights from eastern uS cancelled because of a major snow storm.

Glitterknickaz Sun 26-Dec-10 18:20:19

thanks, will schedule overnight for later in the week I think smile

SleepingLion Sun 26-Dec-10 18:30:15

Oh I was sooooo hoping the worst of it was over for a bit.

We are supposed to be driving from Worcestershire to Norfolk on Wednesday - what do you reckon, OYSSK? And if we get there, will we be able to get back on Sunday?! confused

<thinking about emigrating>

TwoIfBySea Sun 26-Dec-10 18:47:47

Snowy kitten, how do the Lothians look this week? Am enjoying the sort of thaw - this snow has done for us this year, totally disorganised for everything as we had just moved beforehand!

mankyscotslass Sun 26-Dec-10 19:18:43

Loads of flights cancelled for the (north) Eastern Sea Board, the snow storm there is pretty bad from the Canadian border down to New York and beyond.

It's warmer here than it's been for a while, only minus 1!

mankyscotslass Sun 26-Dec-10 20:16:12

And still getting warmer. 0.7

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 20:51:36

Two - I am afraid it looks like you've some more snow to come, esp tuesday. Doesnt really thaw very quickly in your area either.

Sleepinglion - I think you should be ok wednesday, by then you'll really be noticing a thaw. I've not looked in any detail what happens next weekend - I'll do that tomorrow but I think the weather may well be trending back towards cold by then.

I'll try to answer (to the best of my ability) any more questions in the morning if thats ok. Quite tired tonight.

mankyscotslass Sun 26-Dec-10 20:57:16

Hope you, dd and the cat are feeling better now OYSSk.

AitchTwoOh Sun 26-Dec-10 21:01:47

hey guess what, kitten, we never made it cross country on christmas day, went to pack the car and some rain had thawed and the whole area was black ice... too chicken to risk the motorway over high ground after that.

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 21:06:33

aww, thats nice - thanks Manky dd has been completely well all christmas.
We thought the cat had died when we got home as she wasn't in her usual spot and she is always there shock (she is old and showing it) After a very anxious 20 minutes hunting for her she strolled down the stairs all innocently (the little bugger)
I've still a sore throat - its not bad but enough to flare my joints.

Never mind, enough moaning, I have a lovely warm spot on the sofa, the fire is going, a glass of wine and my netbook. I am happy.

I hope you and your family had a good Christmas. smile

mankyscotslass Sun 26-Dec-10 21:17:33

My 10 year old, crosseyed and massive ginger moggy with a heart condition is on my knee now, so I understand your fear. And also the "what's all the fuss about" look you would have got too. Cats!

Positively balmy here tonight 0.8.

mankyscotslass Sun 26-Dec-10 21:21:37

And thank you we had a lovely time

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 21:24:25

you'll be able to get the sunlounger out in a day or two grin

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sun 26-Dec-10 21:25:34

oh blimey aitch - I'm sorry to hear that, ice is far more of a bugger than snow.

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