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Coldest December....

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winterpetunia Sat 25-Dec-10 11:50:55

Since 1910!

ethelina Sat 25-Dec-10 11:54:06

Brrr! Feels it! Currently at -2 here, bright, sunny, crisp beautiful morning. Perfect. smile Snow has all gone and just have a hoar frost which is slowly melting.

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Sun 26-Dec-10 18:42:21

My dad was talking about this yesterday.He was saying that he can remember years ago,there being frost every night for 6 consecutive weeks.He said even then,it wasn't as cold as it has been now.He has kept a diary for all of his adult life and he writes down the temps and weather conditions every day,along with what he has done,and he's 72.All those years of weather records!

Jojay Sun 26-Dec-10 18:44:47

Cadillac - my Grandpa does the same! He has a little rain guage in the garden and everything grin

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