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Weather warning for heavy snow Tuesday and Wednesday.

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winterpetunia Tue 21-Dec-10 16:52:00

From the metoffice.
Was kind of expecting this because our local TV forecast mentioned it yesterday and today so I'm expecting a real dumping for us!

wahwahwah Tue 21-Dec-10 16:59:31

I am not so bothered about the weather - I just want to know how crappy the roads will be!

JingleBelleDameSansMerci Tue 21-Dec-10 17:02:20

wahwahwah - I'd guess the one would lead to the other smile

Thanks for posting this too - I was considering a trip to Chester tomorrow but will give it a miss, I think.

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Tue 21-Dec-10 19:51:42

I saw this too,winterpetunia.We were planning to go to MIL's up in Chorley tomorrow,but saw this and decided not to try and risk it.SIL rang to say it had taken her 3 hours to drive home [normally 20 minutes] and the forecast shows heavy snow all along our route up north.Dh is considering going food shopping tonight in case we can't get out of the village later.Other than that I'm pleased-we have missed out on the snow so far.

DanceInTheDark Tue 21-Dec-10 19:55:36

WEll there is no snow yet in South Manchester but we are only an hour into the 'warning time'

JustKeepSnowing Tue 21-Dec-10 20:01:55

bbc said Midlands & East Anglia, but Met Office shows nothing new for this far east.
Hopefully we'll miss out on another dumping. Sorry in advance for those who get it.

winterpetunia Wed 22-Dec-10 08:27:10

Well, the metoffice were right; we've had 'a real dumping' with about 5-8cms of snow. It was snowing lightly just as I went to bed last night but the really heavy stuff hit from 4am onwards.
Really glad the children finished school yesterday for the holidays and I don't have to clear the car to trek out in it all!

wineonafridaynight Wed 22-Dec-10 08:42:25

We had very little overnight despite it being forecasted but it has arrived now so I will forgive it for being late! grin

mumto2andnomore Wed 22-Dec-10 09:00:21

we are in Leicester, had about 2 inches overnight and still snowing heavily. Dh gone to Sainsburys for the Christmas food shop before it gets worse !

Hulababy Wed 22-Dec-10 09:00:57

In Sheffield - we had less than a mere sprinkling over night.

Hulababy Wed 22-Dec-10 09:02:31

I am watcing Manchester too as we go to the airport on the 27th, and need to get from Sheffield that morning. So I am hoping the forecast I saw yesterday is correct and n more snow for the area. Not had any proper snow for a few days now anyway.

winterpetunia Wed 22-Dec-10 09:09:03

mumto2 ~ I'm also in Leicester and did my Christmas shopping at Sainsburys (Fosse Park) yesterday. It was quite busy!
DH's decided to walk to work this morning and as it's still snowing, he's not impressed (he's never happy ~ he likes walking in snow but only when it's stopped!) He's left strict instructions that he wants to be greeted by a snowman in the front garden when he gets home tonight!

wahwahwah Wed 22-Dec-10 09:14:23

Anyone in the Midlands? What is it like on the motorways now? I heard there was heavy snow on the M6.

LunarSeasonsGreetings Wed 22-Dec-10 09:16:36

Warwickshire - didn't arrive as early as forecast, but making up for it now! About 8cm on top of our bins which were clear at 8 am!

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Wed 22-Dec-10 09:33:00

Leicestershire here and heavy snow.DH went shopping last night and I'm glad he did,it would be a nightmare trying to get to the shops today,the gritters don't come as far as us.I've got to get some presents to the surrounding villages,so will go sooner rather than later.

DH has rung MIL to say that we won't be going up to see her today,we won't risk a 5 hour journey in this weather.

mumto2andnomore Wed 22-Dec-10 09:54:38

winterpetunia thats where he did our shopping this morning ! Said it wasnt too busy and now we have everything but the turkey ! getting that from waitrose on Christmas Eve

only snowing very lightly now

Deliaskis Wed 22-Dec-10 10:02:33

Here in East Cheshire they had predicted heavy snow overnight but we only got a little bit and it was quite wet, so roads fine this morning.

About a mile from Manchester airport and can see lots of flights arriving and leaving.


usualsuspect Wed 22-Dec-10 10:04:57

Leicester here fairly heavy snow ..oh joy, not really looking forward to the trip to the super market

winterpetunia Wed 22-Dec-10 11:20:48

mumto2 ~ glad Sainsburys wasn't too busy and your DH got back OK.
Having heavy snow at the moment. We're supposed to have rubbish and recycling collections tomorrow. I wonder if they'll make it!

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Wed 22-Dec-10 12:44:29

Still snowing here.Only made it to the next village and had to turn back.People will just have to wait for their cards and presents I'm afraid.The road to Melton has been closed due to heavy snow and cars all over the place.Dh and I swept the drive so we could get my car back up and it was getting covered again as soon as we could clear it.

I do love the snow though,might take the dds sledging in the fields later.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Wed 22-Dec-10 12:47:33

Got family who are meant to be coming from Lancashire to us in Berkshire on Xmas Eve - M6, M42, M40. What are their chances??? Or schould we be calilng it off now?

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