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Do you and you DH or DP go to bed at the same time?

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ShanahansRevenge Fri 17-Dec-10 23:25:19

My DH seems to hate the fact that I like to stay up longer than him. It's not because of the sex thing...we rarely do it in bed these days...he has taken to kipping beside me on the sofa until I go to bed...then he follows me up!

Why? And do yours do this too?

I have asked him and he always sort of evades the answer! Tis a bit annoying as I don't get time to relax alone slob out all over the sofa...

ShanahansRevenge Fri 17-Dec-10 23:25:51

Oh crap...meant for chat! grin

ShanahansRevenge Fri 17-Dec-10 23:25:59

Oh crap...meant for chat! grin

LittlePushka Fri 17-Dec-10 23:37:31

perhaps your DH thinks that there is a monster in the wardrobe (too much Monsters Inc!).

My DH goes up by 9.30pm latest and I turn in between 1am and 2am. On the rare occasion that he stays up, like tonight, it feels like I am on a date!!

I love having the tv/radio/silence all to myself

MissAnthropy Fri 17-Dec-10 23:39:55

Only when it's raining...

DH hates going to bed separately so I usually go up with him but I like to stay up later than him really.

LadyCad Fri 17-Dec-10 23:46:47

I always go up first.

DP falls asleep on the sofa and comes up in the early hours.

I just love that time alone in bed with a book, it's the only peace I get. I bloody hate it when he comes up at the same time, tbh.

(should state here that I love the man and the sex is great grin)

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Sat 18-Dec-10 19:51:08

we go to bed at the same time, then I hop up and down to the window through the night to see if it is snowing.

It is very wearying!

Georgimama Sat 18-Dec-10 19:55:21

DH is insistent that we go to bed at the same time, and always has been. It is one of the only weird and annoying things about him. We therefore go to bed when I dictate, because he's the one who doesn't want to go to bed alone or stay up alone, but it is still annoying.

Mummynumber2 Sat 18-Dec-10 20:02:24

We're the opposit way round. I go to bed much earlier than DP and I love it on the rare occasions when he comes to bed with me. I just like him being there, I can't explain it really. It does sometimes, although completley unjustifiably, feel like a rejection when he doesn't want to come to bed at the same time as me.

Georgimama Sat 18-Dec-10 20:05:44

I think that's how DH feels about it, number2.

Mummynumber2 Sat 18-Dec-10 20:11:29

What my DP sometimes does, to appease me, is come to bed for a little while with me, waits for me to fall asleep then sneaks off! It works well as I fall asleep very quickly, I worked out he does this quite often after I woke up once and found him downstairs. grin

Georgimama Sat 18-Dec-10 20:13:20

That's how I used to put my son to sleep!

jinglebellssantasmells Sat 18-Dec-10 20:13:25

mummynumber2- i am exact same as u, i cud have written your post, i always want to sleep much earlier than DP but agen if he doesnt come up with me the bed feels cold lonely and like a rejection, he does most nites come up with me bcos he knows how i feel and will watch tele or a dvd in bed

Mummynumber2 Sat 18-Dec-10 20:18:15

LOL Georgimama. You've had some practice, you can use that method to put your DH to bed now grin

DP tries to watch a DVD in bed sometimes, which keeps me up and makes me more grumpy. The poor bloke can't win!

jinglebellssantasmells Sat 18-Dec-10 20:22:37

lol mummy- my Dp watches it on a portable DVD player with head fones, he did come up one nite and started eating biscuits and watching football on tele, i got very angry even tho i was the one who asked him to come to bed with me, ( i do know im a horror if i get woken or am really tired) hes learnt to ignore wotever i say

strange the way some people prefer to go to bed alone and some hate it

Mummynumber2 Sat 18-Dec-10 20:43:31

Jinglebells I think you must be my double!

fluffles Sat 18-Dec-10 20:49:27

i need about 8-9hrs sleep a night and my DH has about 6 so i go to bed alone and wake up alone and i HATE it.

it's the only thing i hate about our marriage/him.


jalopy Sat 18-Dec-10 21:05:39

Once in a blue moon.

bibbitybobbitysantahat Sat 18-Dec-10 21:07:43

About once a year. Seriously.

ByTheSea Sat 18-Dec-10 21:12:13

We always go up and get into bed at the same time and usually little cuddle/spoon (not sex) as our room is so frigging cold, but I often fall asleep on the sofa while watching telly before we go up to bed. I guess I'd rather this than go to bed alone.

whensitgunnahappen Sat 18-Dec-10 21:15:07

My dh can run on about 6 hours sleep, I am vile if I don't have about 8 hours. He comes up and usually gets up and goes back downstairs when I'm asleep. It has caused problems in the past and this is the compromise. I hate going to bed on my own.

jinglebellssantasmells Sat 18-Dec-10 21:59:10

im glad im not the only one who hates going to bed alone and is a nite time grump

MissTFied Sun 19-Dec-10 20:54:47

No. DP usually falls asleep in front of the TV, then I go up to my room, and he'll eventually wake up and go to his room hours later - about 2 or 3 in the morning.

InkyStamp Sun 19-Dec-10 20:59:15

I find that I am now used to having someone else in my bed after being together so long and I no longer sleep well with no one there! I HATE it when Dh is away for work. So I usually crash on the sofa and then he wakes me up when he is ready to go up. If Dh is not around, a DC is a nice substitute! I just cant sleep well alone! I have been known to stay up all night because DH is away!

yama Sun 19-Dec-10 21:27:55

Always. No matter if I'm heavily pregnant, breastfeeding or whatever.

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