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any heads up on what next week's weather will be like?

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silverfrog Fri 03-Dec-10 16:14:35

Just wondering really...

am in Surrey, and have had dd1 (severe ASD) off school all week - any chance that I will get some respite next week and be able to send her back grin

she goes to school in Kent...

just wondered what the feelign was form people in the know - have tried looking ahead, but the forecasts all say clear for next week hmm hmm

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 17:39:40

for surrey-eastwards: milder over the weekend with flooding likely where there is significant snow. Looks like it will cool down again by the end of the weekend. Probably drier after sunday but cold until midweek (perhaps not terribly near the SE coasts) Thats as far as I feel I can give a half sensible answer though there doesnt seem to be any return to mild westerlies that I can see.

silverfrog Fri 03-Dec-10 18:15:45

thank you smile

so (sorry, but really need words of one syllable grin) - what would you rate our chances of more snow next week?

floods - pah, can cope with that - that's no barrier to getting dd1 to school (would swim her there if necessary!), but snow/ice is a real no-go, as her school is buried away in country lanes...

Saltire Fri 03-Dec-10 18:24:09

I am in North Yorks and really only want to get to York/leeds for neccesary Christmas shopping on Monday. Don't care what happens after that

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 19:56:58

errrrrmmmm, don't really like giving out odds cos I'm sure I'll be horribly wrong. I'd say that after Sunday then your chances of snow are pretty low for at least a couple of days.

taffetazatyousantaclaus Fri 03-Dec-10 20:17:40

BBC local for us ( NW Kent ) says heavy rain Sun, full sun Mon and then shhhhhh snow again on Tues. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

silverfrog Fri 03-Dec-10 20:17:48

thanks smile

am happy with an educated guess, and would certainly not old it against you if we end up having blizzards come Monday.

Just wondered what people who have the faintest notion of what all the squiggles on weather maps actually mean think about next week smile

silverfrog Fri 03-Dec-10 20:19:19

will join you in that Nooooooo! taffeta

I was doing so well with all my Chrsitmas organising too - had it all in hand a couple of weeks ago, then dd2 was ill, now dd1 ill/off school due to snow - I need them to go back to school so I can buy their presents grin

taffetazatyousantaclaus Fri 03-Dec-10 20:25:56

You are in fact me silverfrog ( DC ill, was feeling organised last week ). I would suggest buying online but we haven't had any post for 3 days so Gawd knows what will happen when it starts up again.

silverfrog Fri 03-Dec-10 20:29:38

oh, I have things on order, but doubt they will get here before NEw YEar at this rate - the'll get delayed by the snow, then swallowed up into the Cristmas/general backlog...


still, the dds are only young, so as long as I can find our garage under the mountain of snow, and rescue Christmas decs, it should all be ok...

Ironically, I got up this moring, and saw our postman walking down our road - literally down the middle of the road.

Said to dh that it was really impressive they were still attempting deliveries, then noticed that he was just wlking down the road, not making any deliveries at all confused

clearly just a PR stunt by the POst Office grin

taffetazatyousantaclaus Fri 03-Dec-10 20:47:17

Thats just teasing, that postman, silverfrog

BBC website for loca forecast has chnaged again. No rain or snow now. Just sun. grin grin grin

<plans escape>

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