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Friday's snow

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OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 07:14:56

Thankfully less for those who have been plagued this week Much drier at least to start but with a weather system moving in from the west later. I think the SE should stay dry.

western Scotland gets a good swathe come through. Later, a mix of rain sleet and snow comes through Wales and Cornwall. Take great care where rain falls onto sub zero surfaces!
This band moves across the country, so the Midlands, Yorkshire etc will see this.

today's warnings

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 07:37:09

Does anyone have freezing fog this morning?

MegGriffin Fri 03-Dec-10 07:40:21

Good morning! No fog here (West Sussex) Clear skies and icy -9 last night. We have enormous icicles hanging off our roof.

badgermonkey Fri 03-Dec-10 07:41:22

Very very cold and icy here (East Yorkshire coast) although no fresh snow forecast. Off school for the fourth day this week! No fog though, but there is some further inland I've heard.

YourCallIsImportant Fri 03-Dec-10 07:43:48

Morning! -7 here, north of Glasgow. We had fog last night, but expecting a fresh layer of snow today, to sit on top of the 12" we've already got.

nymphadora Fri 03-Dec-10 08:11:24

-5 in south Cumbria. No more snow just get a little flurry every day around 3:15 when I pick the kids up hmm

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 08:56:36

Not so low here over night -3.9 dd is off sick. I am glum dh and I were going to go for a lovely winters walk to a nice pub with a fire.

mankyscotslass Fri 03-Dec-10 09:25:13

Slight dusting of snow again last night, but it's clear and freezing cold here now.

This morning was the first that the children have felt cold on the way to school.

mankyscotslass Fri 03-Dec-10 09:28:51

OYSSK, I hope DD feels better soon.

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 09:35:38

Thanks Manky - shes not awful - just a horrid snotty cold but her throat is really sore. Doesnt seem sensible to have her trudging through the snow and low temps when she feels rough.

GiraffeAHolic Fri 03-Dec-10 09:39:53

-3 in Norfolk. Quite a lot fell over night and it's eerily misty out there with a pure white sky. It looks like we are she some more but forecasters say not hmm

winterpetunia Fri 03-Dec-10 09:56:07

-7 here in Leicester but after I dropped off DDs at school and went home along the 'country route' I sometimes use, the car's temp guage said -9 shock (it did look very pretty though with the frost on the trees!)

Hope your DD feels better soon; there are so many bugs and stuff around at the moment.

ChickensHaveNoMercyForTurkeys Fri 03-Dec-10 09:59:47

Freezing fog here this morning in south derbyshire. It's now sunny and making the snow sparkle <feels festive>

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 10:00:02

Giraffe, I'm not 100% convinced the forecasters are right on that - I think you may get some showers.

petunia you are so right about the bugs - there are a good few off in dds school at the moment. have delivered a hot blackcurrant upstairs and sent dh out for some decongestants so she can breathe again.

GiraffeAHolic Fri 03-Dec-10 10:16:21

Thanks oyssk, you seem to be more accurate than them anyway despite snow for over a week it's never looked this wintry iykwim

DanceInTheDark Fri 03-Dec-10 10:19:52

it was -9 at 8am here but we had the record lows apparently in the next town along of -14.7

snice Fri 03-Dec-10 10:26:35

just defrosted car locks to get it open-went back into house for 5 minutes and they froze up again-bugger!

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Fri 03-Dec-10 10:27:43

Not the best news for people hoping for a warm up I'm afraid. Models are showing a brief warm up this weekend for the south and then back into the arctic for us all.

mankyscotslass Fri 03-Dec-10 10:38:43

It's supposed to be the cubs and scouts Christmas fair tonight!

We are debating whether it will be too cold to take them out in it.

nymphadora Fri 03-Dec-10 10:46:38

Proper snow again now. Kids school closing lunchtime & they didn't shut at all last year! Head off so deputy may be softer wink

mankyscotslass Fri 03-Dec-10 10:47:47

Clear and cold here!

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Fri 03-Dec-10 10:54:19

It is very very cold in Leicestershire,it was -7 at 8.30am.Our milk was frozen in the bottles this morning.Dh had to clear the drive before he could get up it last night.We are another family housebound by bug ridden children.DH and I had planned to go Christmas shopping and have lunch out,but dd2 is still off school.I have been up in the loft and got the decorations out and will put up the tree instead.

Thanks for the warning for later on today.OYSSK.

Glitterknickaz Fri 03-Dec-10 11:41:41

snice squirt wd40 in locks, that will repel the water and prevent further freezing

looks like we have thaw here sad

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 03-Dec-10 12:07:59

OYSSK - any chance of snow in North Devon? I'm just north of Dartmoor and would love some more snow, we barely have any atm

winterpetunia Fri 03-Dec-10 12:09:24

Metoffice updates Map of the UK looks rather colourful for today and tomorrow!

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