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My DD stranded up North !!

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maltesers Tue 30-Nov-10 09:33:38

My 20 yr old DD went from University in London up to visit friends in Manchester and Yorkshire and now she cant get back.
Snowed in and trains not running
Should i be worried ???? At the moment she is staying at her boyfriends Dads house. . . .She is missing work experience as a Childrens Nurse and is meant to be on the Ward today. . .hmm

notalone Tue 30-Nov-10 09:39:23

I live in Yorkshire on the main route between Scotland and the West Country. Trains that go through here pretty much run through the whole of Yorkshire and they are all still running (my house is still shaking every 10 mins put it that way smile) Where abouts is she? Are you sure she is not just hungover and doesn't fancy the journey back? Sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would have done at 20 grin

maltesers Tue 30-Nov-10 09:41:49

Thanks for your reply NOTALONE and your advice.
She says she is in Featerstone . . .do you know the place ?? Is this near MAnchester or where ?????

maltesers Tue 30-Nov-10 09:42:21

Plus she is happy for the excuse to scive off her placement !!! Naughty girl !

notalone Tue 30-Nov-10 09:45:52

Featherstone is near Wakefield. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you go onto the Northern Rail site, under travel tools there is a live departures board and the trains are all fine from there. Thank god no-one had the internet when I was 20 grin. However, to be fair it is very very icy underfoot here and I would not blame her if she did not want to venture out in it.

maltesers Tue 30-Nov-10 09:51:06

Ah ok,
The boyfriend is only 18yr and i dont want him driving her to the station. I think this is the problem, that where they are the roads are too bad to drive and with his zero amount of experience driving in snow i am glad they are staying put.

notalone Tue 30-Nov-10 09:55:48

I know someone one who tried to drive through this area today and had to turn back because of the icy roads so I would say staying put and being cosy is definitely the right thing to do. Hope she makes it back soon smile

maltesers Tue 30-Nov-10 10:13:44

Thanks notalone. . .so do I !!

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 30-Nov-10 20:08:03

Staying put is the best thing. It's bad up here and really not worth a stressful and potentially dangerous journey. Hope it clears for her (and us) soon!

maltesers Wed 01-Dec-10 22:11:35

Well, she came back down south to London last night. . thank goodness. She said it was lovely and deep the snow .

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