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9 month old still gags and some times throws up on lumps any ideas

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Turtle35 Mon 01-Aug-05 14:58:38

My dd gags on the lumps from jars so I still puree her food so it's smooth, I need her to get used to more lumpy food, any ideas? She wont even eat weetabix

saadia Mon 01-Aug-05 16:30:05

My ds was like this too. I just went along with it and gradually started giving him more bitable food when he was closer to 18mths. He's fine now.

Have you tried giving her small pieces of banana or pasta?

littlerach Mon 01-Aug-05 16:38:50

What about finger food?
Then she will be prepared for it to be lumpy, rather than it coming from a spoon.

BTW, I htink it is quite normal for them to still be gagging on ot.

yorkshirelass Mon 01-Aug-05 19:42:31

My DS is 10 months old and has only in the last few weeks started to tolerate lumpy food. I mainly cook his food and so I have gradually built up the 'lumpiness' - we are still practising with finger food as he tends to bite off great big chunks and then gag!! To begin with I did get stressed but then someone asked me how many adults do you know who still eat purees? It puts it into perspective that they all get there eventually but some babies take longer than others.

I have tried a few jars and found the lumps in Hipp organic are smaller than others such as Heinz so I tend to stick with these at the moment - I also found to begin with he coped better with the pasta varities which are really easy to swallow rather than those with lumps of vegetables.

I also tend to try finger foods in between meals so that if he is sick, he's not bringing up a whole meal.

I think taking it slowly and trying not to worry seems to be the way to do it!

Furball Mon 01-Aug-05 19:52:37

My ds couldn't hack lumps until at least 14 months. It seemed to be worse with 'wet' food, where as dry finger food was more tolerable. Just go with it theres no hurry, it's just a bit more of a pain to make sure everythings smooth. Also my ds still gags on weetabix now and he's 4 years if it's not got enough milk on. They seem to absorb half a pint easy!

Saacsmum Tue 02-Aug-05 04:55:39

Hi, I had a thread on this a wee while ago called any tips for managing a gagger (or something like that). Saac is a chronic gagger, I just keep offering him a range of textures within a meal eg dinner might be puree with a side dish of mashed vege and some very soft florets of broccoli and cauli followed by very ripe pear. He is slowly but surely managing the idea that he needs to use his tongue to reposition food for further chewing before he swallows. I let him play with his food a lot which helps them to learn about the textures and shapes they are going to have in their mouth. Just take things one day at a time, baby will manage lumps in her own time.

shons Fri 05-Aug-05 12:45:40

I'm afraid I can't offer any advise just now but thank you all for your comments as I have been getting stressed over the fact that my 7 month old boy refuses anything with lumps in it. I now know that I am not alone with this problem and hope turtle35 that things improve with dd and would be grateful if you could let me know what worked for you.

jenweber630 Mon 15-Aug-05 13:25:30

I have an issue with the lumps in some of the stage two foods... It's very hard for a baby to go from a smooth puree to a smooth puree with little bits in it that they're not expecting and have to chew when they don't have enough practice to do so. With my ds I've been making him mashed fruit/veggies before introducing the stage two foods with bits in it to decrease the gagging. I tried the stage two initially and ds gagged all over the place - he just needed more practice chewing when he expected to do so.

alison222 Mon 15-Aug-05 13:52:33

Ds was a chronic gagger. He was too lazy to chew and too hungry to eat slowly most of the time. We often got lots through a meal he'd gag, the whole lot would come up and we'd start again because he was still hungry.
He is now 4.5 with no il effects from it, but still has a tendency to be sick easily. However he eats normally now. I still mashed veg roughly with a fork until about 18months. DD on the other hand was eating "real " food by about 10 months just cut into tiny pieces. They are all so different

mommie Mon 15-Aug-05 21:00:23

hi turtle 35 - my dd who is 10 months gags on lumpy food from number 2 jars. Then i watched my mum feed her and she is the sort of person who heats the food in the jar etc (stands it in warm water) and i saw dd swallow the lot! my mother says that heating the jars thins the food a bit and stops it being all congealed. tried it last night and it worked. maybe worth a go?

Papillon Mon 15-Aug-05 21:04:36

mine did not start eating anything really until 10 months old - bf till then. So lumps are the least of your worries

Think it is safer and easier to have puree at this age - no rush is there!

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