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DH and I are still horribly confused!!

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Tipex Sat 30-Jul-05 21:22:59

Just started DS aged 5.5 months on solids 3days ago and hes loving it. Hes breastfed and I am totally confused about when to offer his breastfeeds in relation to solids. He has stopped appearing hungry for milk a few weeks ago (ie never cries for milk anymore)so i tend to offer a breast feed every 3 and a half hours or so. I was worried if I left him to still feed on demand he wouldnt get enough as didnt seem to ask for it!
So first question is do I give solids in between his usual breastfeeds and what if this affects him taking booby milk?

Next question....I started weaning in an attempt to get it sorted before I start back to work in 1months time. At this point, is it likely he would be ok on a breastfeed morning and night with EBM offered via sippy cup in between (he wont take a bottle)?

Its so confusing I had no idea it would be such a nightmare.

tiffini Sat 30-Jul-05 22:08:18


barkerboo Sat 30-Jul-05 22:19:46

Breast feeding changes as they get bigger. They feed more effectively so therefore appear to be getting less but are fine also you will not feel full unless he leaves you alone for hours as your boobs have got production under control. weaning and breast feeding can be messy unless you like your nipples been plastered with food. Remember the plan is to eventually replace the milk with food ensuring they get at least a pint which is diff to monitor. I feed in between solids and then swapped in bottle to go back to work.

Your production for am and pm willbe fine for work but you need to start cutting doen the day now or you will have to express at work. also does he drink milk form a cup?

Tipex Sun 31-Jul-05 18:08:53

will have a go with a cup but cant seem to swallow any liquid he extracts from it. No idea how I will cope when I am back at work. AAARRRGGGHHH

Turtle35 Mon 01-Aug-05 14:54:16

I can relate, it is very confusing but I found Gina Ford book on weaning brilliant, I don't really agree with all of her thoughts but her book was very good to give you a structure for the day, what they should be having and at what time. I couldnt' bare the thoughts of my baby going hungry.

starlover Mon 01-Aug-05 17:03:28

tipex keep trying with cup. linus was the same when i first gave it... would manage to get drink in his mouth.,. and then just spit it out!
now he drinks fine from it! we just practices a bit every day

food wise he has a morning feed at 8ish, and then at 9 he has breakfast.
then a milk feed at 11/12ish and followed by lunch at around 1 or 2
milk again at 3 and then dinner at around 6
milk feed at 7ish

it all really depends on his sleeps and stuff as well though... but basically i just fit his food in around his feeds

busywizzy Wed 03-Aug-05 19:36:05


My DS is 19 weeks old and has been on solids for one week. I too followed Gina Ford's advice and introduced baby rice after 11.00ish milk feed (he has a milk feed when he wakes at 7.30am). My DS is like yours by the sound of it and doesn't really care too much for milk feeding (never has really) so I have to feed before solids or he won't milk feed.

I give another milk feed at 2.30ish and then another round of baby rice with pear mixed in at 5.30pm. DS then has a final milk feed just before bedtime at 6.45-7.00pm.Gina Ford says to give this second solid feed at bedtime but I found DS was too tired so this is her 'alternative' suggestion.

My DS has taken to solids like a little bird in just one week so I hope this helps. It's about the only thing I feel has gone well since he was born!!

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