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avocados... are they always this boring?

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starlover Wed 27-Jul-05 13:53:24

well? are they? i don't particularly like them but thought i would give LInus a go with some for lunch today.
i squished it all up, and he did eat it... but they're SOOOOOOOOOOO boring.
what can i do to make them more interesting? or shall i just not bother

mancmum Wed 27-Jul-05 13:55:03

if he ate it why worry -- they are fab food for kids -- lots of EFAs and vits...

I like them in a salad with rocket and chilli -- linus might not!!

Pollyanna Wed 27-Jul-05 13:55:29

I gave my dd avocado and banana yesterday - she loved it.

starlover Wed 27-Jul-05 13:55:50

yeah i thought they were good for him that;s why i bought it.
they just don't taste of anything though...

Blackduck Wed 27-Jul-05 13:56:27

they've great! ANyway full of vitamins and stuff...very good for you...

fastasleep Wed 27-Jul-05 13:57:10

My friend mixes them with natural yoghurt her little one loves em!

hana Wed 27-Jul-05 13:57:14

try mixing with papaya as well, dd had that for her pudding at lunch today! but I agree about the taste, v v bland

Lizzylou Wed 27-Jul-05 13:57:16

I love avocados on their own...yummy!
Harry loved them when weaning too, but now won't touch em...

fastasleep Wed 27-Jul-05 13:58:14

I like avocados with prawn cocktail on top! Yum! But I wouldn't give it to a baby lol..

starlover Wed 27-Jul-05 13:58:34

hmm interesting. i am in this kind of rut where i hate giving him anything that i don't like you see... which is stupid i know.
avocado with yoghurt sounds gross! lol

PrettyCandles Wed 27-Jul-05 13:58:40

Don't bother, it's not worth the effort - he won't care one way or another!

I love them with a tiny pinch of salt and a very generous pinch of sugar dusted into the gap where the sstone was, and then a few drops of lemon juice poured in. I suppose that's a cheapo way of adding vinaigrette, really. But the babies don't need salt or sugar, so I've got used to eating them neat. Very popular in the Chandelier.

starlover Wed 27-Jul-05 14:00:20

just seems completely pointless eating something with no flavour iyswim... i might try mixing it with something else tomorrow

meggymoo Wed 27-Jul-05 14:02:45

Message withdrawn

notstarlover Wed 27-Jul-05 14:03:17

ooh like in avocado baby!

hana Wed 27-Jul-05 14:13:21

maybe dd2 should have a diet of only avocados !! (she's not on those silly charts at 7 months)

CarolinaMoon Wed 27-Jul-05 14:17:53

Is my ds the only baby who won't eat avocado???

I love them myself, esp sliced up in salads with crispy bacon bits, or made into guacamole - gooorgeous!

sorrel Wed 27-Jul-05 14:30:35

just for a laugh

MrsDoolittle Wed 27-Jul-05 14:32:07

and natural yoghurt are great stuff to mix with

Magscat Wed 27-Jul-05 14:32:27

DS used to love avocado mixed up with cottage cheese. So easy peasy to do. DD is yet to be convinced though (but early days for her).

sorrel Wed 27-Jul-05 14:35:53

Tea (green or black)

starlover Wed 27-Jul-05 14:36:39

hmm i almost got himn some blueberries the other day!

hana Wed 27-Jul-05 14:49:16

mmmm love blueberries, on offer at tescos now 1.99 for a box

meggymoo Wed 27-Jul-05 16:23:29

Message withdrawn

MrsDoolittle Wed 27-Jul-05 16:35:34

All berries are very good for you

mckenzie Wed 27-Jul-05 16:46:25

I mixed it with beetroot when weaning DS. He loved it and so did I.

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