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Sick after milk feed while weaning

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Meeely2 Wed 27-Jul-05 13:07:21


I am well into the weaning process now, three 'meals' a day and just recently down to 3 bottles of 7oz milk...BUT one of my twins keeps bringing his milk back up....he went through a phase before weaning when he was sick with every bottle, never seemed to upset him much, just covered everything and we were constantly changing ourselves and him, but he got over that and I realised one day he hadn't been sick in ages so I relaxed....but since the weekend he brings a large amount of nearly every milk feed back. This morning it was about 15 mins after his feed when he was in his cot waiting for me to dress his brother, then today he kept his porridge breakfast down (he's at nursery, so they told me this), then they tried to feed him lunch, refused so they gave him 4oz of his next 7oz bottle, and as they started to feed him lunch, brought the whole lot back.

I'm worried mainly because it's distressing for me and him (I tandem feed at home, so have to deal with him puking while trying to feed his brother), plus only just got them sleeping through, don't want him now waking because he's hungry and thirsty.

Any ideas why he's started throwing up again?

Meeely2 Wed 27-Jul-05 16:40:25

Had doc on phone, seems he probably has reflux and has prescribed me liquid gaviscon to add to his milk to thicken it and make him less likely to bring it back.

Hope this is the conclusion, so people reading hope you find this helpful!

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