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Am i the first one to spot this?

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Springchicken Wed 27-Jul-05 09:41:28

Gosh, if I am, that's very unlike me

oliveoil Wed 27-Jul-05 09:42:45


WigWamBam Wed 27-Jul-05 09:43:36

Looks like it, springchicken ... although I've spotted it now too.

bobbybob Wed 27-Jul-05 09:43:55

Well you will stay the first one if you don't tell us more.

WigWamBam Wed 27-Jul-05 09:44:30

Look at the topic title ...

flamesparrow Wed 27-Jul-05 09:44:44

Oooh how exciting!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 27-Jul-05 09:44:46

I saw it yesterday, but didn't post anything.

Good idea, putting it in.

oliveoil Wed 27-Jul-05 09:45:54

I see, dur <bangs head on desk>

I don't need weaning advice, it's getting them to f'ing eat then they are toddlers .

bobbybob Wed 27-Jul-05 09:46:15

What sort of weaning though - introducing solids, or stopping breastfeeding or stopping bottle feeding? Or all of these?

WigWamBam Wed 27-Jul-05 10:05:50

Doesn't matter, does it?

bobbybob Wed 27-Jul-05 10:06:46

Not really, just wondered.

tiffini Wed 27-Jul-05 10:06:54 me dumb, but I just dont get this

WigWamBam Wed 27-Jul-05 10:07:20

New topic, tiffini.

tiffini Wed 27-Jul-05 10:09:37

oh....i see now.

They need another new topic, titled


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