Which porridge is healthiest for a 6 month old?

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LittleDoe Thu 28-Jan-10 20:49:35


I want to start giving my 6 mo old DS porridge for breakfast but am confused as to which is the healthiest option. I have just bought the Hipp Organic stuff but it seems to have a lot of sugar in it - something like 30g per 100g (even though it says no added sugar). Is something like ReadyBrek better?


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ruddynorah Thu 28-Jan-10 20:51:58

just a bag of plain normal porridge oats is fine.

bluebump Thu 28-Jan-10 20:55:13

We buy Familia which we get from a health food shop. It has more oats in it and seems far more filling than any other baby brand i've bought. I may try buying normal oats soon if I can wean him off this stuff, he loves it!

Sidge Thu 28-Jan-10 20:55:54

Just buy normal porridge oats, such as Quaker Oats. Then you know exactly what's in it! (and it's loads cheaper too).

CMOTdibbler Thu 28-Jan-10 20:57:20

I'd use normal porridge oats too

winnybella Thu 28-Jan-10 20:59:17

We use Quaker Oats with mashed banana or grated apple.
There's nothing added to it, safest option imo.

LittleDoe Thu 28-Jan-10 21:00:03

Thanks! I did think of giving him just normal porridge oats but wasn't sure if it would be a bit lumpy for him at this stage. I could maybe just buy him a bag of the finer oatmeal rather than the big jumbo oats I get for myself!

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PacificDogwood Thu 28-Jan-10 21:01:44

DS3 (and I wink) liked Plum baby porridge - expensive, but lots of iron in it, no sugar and wholemeal.

ruddynorah Thu 28-Jan-10 21:04:05

try him with the stuff you have!

Habbibu Thu 28-Jan-10 21:09:58

At 6 months he should be able to handle normal porridge, even jumbo oats. If you're concerned, soak the porridge overnight before you cook it - it'll be beautifully soft and creamy.

HaveToWearHeels Thu 28-Jan-10 21:15:51

If you used normal porridge would you just make it with cows milk (I understand that is OK at 6 months - in food - just not as a drink) Do you add anything else ?

winnybella I love your idea, do you add the fruit before cooking ?

I have porridge every morning a DD (19weeks)is showing a huge interest so this will probably be one of her first meals !

Habbibu Thu 28-Jan-10 21:20:28

Just cows milk. Fine with nothing else in it, but raisins and grated apple are lovely, as are blueberries. Raisins and apple I'd add before cooking - raisins in particular benefit from soaking overnight.

jemart Thu 28-Jan-10 21:26:26

We just have ordinary porridge oats with stuff added. I like maple syrup on mine.
Soft fruit sounds a good plan for a 6 month old. My DS was a big fan of peaches at that age.

Lexilicious Thu 28-Jan-10 21:31:47

I was just looking online today if there was anything special about oats to use for my 6 month old, and I found this web site with some nice looking recipes. I also like the finger food recipes but I don't think he's quite ready yet.

Habbibu Thu 28-Jan-10 21:33:52

Oh gosh, go for finger food! It's lots of fun, if hideously messy, and at 6 mo he should be ready for it. Look at Aitch's blog.

HerMomminess Thu 28-Jan-10 22:13:35

I thought Ready Brek was a goodone. BOught some today. Any ideas?

EightiesChick Thu 28-Jan-10 22:17:12

I also liked Plum four grain baby porridge.

My DS got the hang of toast soldiers very easily, and they are not as messy as some finger food. Try him on those too, maybe?

Jojay Thu 28-Jan-10 22:19:26

The sort made from oats and milk should do nicelygrin

Just bog standard normal will be fine.

Seona1973 Thu 28-Jan-10 22:30:19

ready brek is fine as it has no added salt or sugar and is ground up very fine so less likely to be lumpy.

HaveToWearHeels Thu 28-Jan-10 22:36:13

Habbibu thanks, sounds lovely, might try that for myself at th weekend.

MrsJamin Fri 29-Jan-10 11:24:42

In relation to Habbibu's BLW link, I made porridge pancakes for DS for ages, as he could pick it up with his fingers really easily and oats are a brilliantly nutritious breakfast.

LittleDoe Fri 29-Jan-10 20:57:26

Okay - so stupid question coming up - can I just make porridge as I would do normally for me and just give DS some of it?

(Probably have answered my own question here...)

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sallyjaygorce Fri 29-Jan-10 21:00:57

Normal porridge. Or ground oatmeal if not keen on lumpy stuff. DS (aged 4) had normal porridge from weaning age and it's still his favourite breakfast - has three bowls most mornings before school. Like a bear.

Snowfalls108 Fri 29-Jan-10 22:07:40

Try Rude Health - http://www.rudehealth.com/our-products/organic-porridge

fairy247 Fri 29-Jan-10 22:32:39

if too lumpy then you can always grind the oats into more powdery form using food processor, but I find it's OK the way it is. Try pears grated esp the sweet ones as this is like adding sugar to the porridge I eat this everyday and it is the only thing that fills me up. If you can't be bothered to soak over night then heat in the micro with cows milk for longer then let it sit to cool ( I usually do mine for 2 mins. then reheat if oats are still lumpy) if it goes to thick just add more milk.
Try grated apple with cinnamon (this makes it taste sweeter!)
When my DD was 6 mths I made lots of apricot puree( heat dried apricots in water then mush) and put it in the freezer in small 1/2 ice cubes. then in the morning just add one into the porridge before heating.

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