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DS (8 months) won't eat anything savoury

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Cocodrillo Mon 02-Nov-09 22:44:39

DS is 8 months old. I've aimed to BLW him but his motor control hasn't exactly been precocious so he has been spoon fed quite a bit. He is big for 8 months and hungry but he literally shudders if I try to give him any savoury protein food - chicken, fish, lentils, beef, cheese ... you name it.

He will eat rice cakes (apple flavour), buttered toast, rusks, pear chunks, penne and potatoes - also oven chips (I know), and the Ella's Kitchen stage 1 fruit and veg mix purees. His eating seems not to have progressed at all for the past 6 weeks. His is my 3rd child, but my previous 2 would eat pretty much anything till they hit 12 months-ish, so I am at a loss.

Any advice? I'm getting quite stressed that he's drinking too much milk and not eating enough food. He's not bf anymore.

luciemule Tue 03-Nov-09 13:51:36

If you're stressed he'll sense it so just relax and give him what he will eat and if he decides not to eat it, then take it away and say all gone.
Try giving plain rice cakes with a fruit puree dip and see if he'll eat those.
Tbh, I really wouldn't worry - as long as he's having his milk, anything extra is a bonus. He might be generally more laid back anyway if he's your third.
Have you given him pieces of soft roasted butternur squash and sweet potato? Mixed with creme fraiche and cheese for example might be really nice.
My DS always loved chicken or lamb mixed with apricot. If you buy any savoury jars, you could always mix them with fruit puree to sweeten them.

Cocodrillo Tue 03-Nov-09 21:07:38

thanks luciemule.

I guess since he's not exactly wasting away I should try to chill out smile

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