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Weaning .... HELP

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Mosschops30 Thu 16-Jun-05 11:29:42

Message withdrawn

basketcase Thu 16-Jun-05 11:40:27

what about veg and fruit purees? The first foods that my two had were carrot puree, then pear puree - both with a little baby rice and milk. We gradually added more fruit and veg, singles at first to check for any allergic reactions and then started to mix and match for variety - eg. carrot and cauliflower, pear and apple etc.
I think it depends on what pre packaged baby food you have bought - they are all different and have different ages. Personally, I would try to wait a little while and start gently with single food tastes rather than jumping in with big combinations like veg bake - but we are all different.
I loved Annabel Karmel’s book on weaning - very easy and gave me loads of confidence to make my own baby food without any time or hassle - loads cheaper and nutritionally better and fresher...Not everyone likes her books but I would reccommend her if you were unsure. Great for week by week planning charts for amounts and timings, when and what to introduce next.

nailpolish Thu 16-Jun-05 11:48:24

mosschops, do you have the time to make your own stuff? i would start off with one fruit/veg at a time, you can steam or boil/stew them and then whizz up to a puree then freeze in ice cube trays and give 1/2/3 ice cubes at a time depending on how hungry he is!

i started dd's on solids about the same time as you, and to be honest they were on 3 small meals a day after only a couple of weeks because i could see how much they were enjoying it. as long as baby is taking a good amount of milk still as well as the solids its ok. if you are bottle feeding the average is about 21oz minimum they say

is that any help?

Hazellnut Thu 16-Jun-05 11:53:39

mosschops - I am going through this too !! Started dd on babyrice about a week ago, moved on to parsnip after a couple of days which tbh was met with a bit of disgust until I mixed it with babyrice and then wolfed down. Yesterday I added a second meal (made a bit of a mistake giving a rusk mushed up which has gluten in it so don't give this. Ihave some of the sunrise stuff too and that says it has gluten in despite saying from 4 months so maybe avoid this till 6 months!). TOday I gave carrot which dd loved without having to mix it in with babyrice. I am just boiling and pureeing in a blender. Its really easy at this stage to do it yourself if you have a bit of time. I have Annabel Karmel but a friend has also bought me the Lorraine Kelly book which I left at hers but apparently is very good (even though I (and my friend) would balk at the idea of buying a LK book !!)...

Mosschops30 Thu 16-Jun-05 12:45:34

Message withdrawn

kazoo Thu 16-Jun-05 13:41:22

Am a few wks into the weaning thing now. After dd was happy feeding at 11 for a whole week I introduced baby rice mixed with fruit at 6p.m. The evening meal needs to be bigger than the morning one to help with sleeping through the night.After 2 wks of this and no adverse reactions apart from being v. hungry at waking feed Hv advised moving to 3 small meals a day. This was when I introduced packet mixes for breakfast. Dd has heinz simply vegetables for dinner and the fruit version for tea with baby rice. Had a stab at cubes of stuff but not enough time in the day when ds (18 months) and dd (5 months) and no blender.

nailpolish Thu 16-Jun-05 13:46:34

i think you should stick to jars then mosschops - IMO they are nicer (although more expensive, i know) i think they have better recipes.

at least for a wee while, then use the packets later

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