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BLW - is it normal for the food to come out the other end looking exactly the same as it went in?

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peachpearplum Mon 02-Nov-09 08:00:52

...or does it mean my ds is not ready yet? He is 28 weeks and the food in question is broccoli and carrots

FaintlyMacabre Mon 02-Nov-09 08:04:07

Yes, this happens for some time. Just don't get too alarmed the first time he has banana...

PoisonToadstool Mon 02-Nov-09 08:21:15

Oh yes. Raisins come out hydrated <boak>

peachpearplum Mon 02-Nov-09 10:07:28

argh just had a banana poo...bears no resemblance to banana but god the smell!!!

possibly tmi. sorry.

TheProvincialLady Mon 02-Nov-09 10:12:31

Peas don't come out the way they went in. Peas get squished, even though I know they are not chewed before they are swallowed in DS2's casehmm

Stayingscarygirl Mon 02-Nov-09 10:14:43

BLW wasn't known about when I was weaning the dses. Now I see what I missed out on!

claireyBANG Mon 02-Nov-09 10:16:29

Oh god yes I remember the awful awful runny milk poos with bits of carrot in. I was so excited the first time dd did a solid one!

AnathemaDevice Wed 04-Nov-09 21:55:53

Yep-I got myself in a panic last night, thinking there was blood in DS's poo- then DH pointed out that it was actually a bit of tomato.

JoeyBettany Sun 08-Nov-09 18:19:49

My 9 month old dd evacuated an orange last week completely unchanged. She only had the inside bit, not the pith and the fibres so I was amazed to see so much orange in her nappy!

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