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Seriously, how bad is jar food in the long term?

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backintraining Sun 01-Nov-09 20:01:52

Please help. DS is 9mo and was weaned around 23/24 weeks (on advice due to other issues). I weaned on fresh fruit/veg - all cooked and pureed etc. He also had baby rice mixed with formula. Once we were established with those flavours and texture I moved on and he ate fish/veg purees, meat/veg purees... you get the picture. He had the odd jar if we were out.

Anyway, we hit a stumbling block when he went on to more textured/lumpy stuff and then when his teeth started appearing about 6 weeks ago he went on hunger strike altogether, great fun as you can imagine. After offering him EVERYTHING under the sun to eat, I offered him a couple of different jar foods (stage 2, lumpy) and he devoured them and now won't touch anything else! I even reverted back to offering his favourite home made purees to see if that would tempt him away from jars but nothing worked.

He'll eat finger foods, no problem (various things bread/cheese/rusks/rice cakes etc.) but just will not eat home made "mashed" food. As he was 7 weeks prem and is a teeny tiny anyway, I am paranoid about his weight gain. I know I could probably give him his meals as ALL finger foods, but I don't think he'd eat enough, that's why I didn't BLW.

I know that eventually he'll eat "normal" food, when he goes on to the next stage, but I hate the fact that he is eating jar stuff -am I a terrible mother?

AitchTwoToTangOh Sun 01-Nov-09 20:06:39

dd2 was also born at 33 weeks, so quite scary, i feel your pain. smile we did do blw with her because it had been such a doddle with her elder sister, and she took to it okay, but like you the fact that she was prem did make that decision a bit more 'aaaargh'.
personally i'd say in the scheme of things a big fat 'WHO CARES?' about the jars. he was early, it was horrible, you were frightened... we know now if we didn't before that there are bigger fish to fry than a few poxy jars. wink

i'd deffo keep up the finger food, of course, and as for the rest, it's not a biggie when you've been through what we have. smile give yourself a break.

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