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6 month old still with tongue thrust reflex (I think) -what should I do?

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PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Sun 01-Nov-09 19:03:20

DS is 6 calendar months this week, and showing no signs of being ready for solids.

Not really interested for my food, watching me eat but not copying chewing, can't sit unsupported yet - basically, he'd be happy for me to just breast feed him forever, I think.

Anyway, last couple of weeks I've been trying him with purees, baby rice/mashed bananas/baby oats etc, but it all just reappears almost instantly. He was also gagging on every spoonful, which was horrific, but that, at least has passed. He's still just pushing everything straight back out again though.

What should I do? Keep plugging on -even though it's SO tedious and disheartening, or wait a bit?

Does he HAVE to start having solids now, because he's 6 months, or can I safely leave him on just milk for a bit longer?

MrsBadger Sun 01-Nov-09 19:27:17

why not offer finger food?
then he is in control and can go at his own pace
also you can feed him leftovers / bits of your food (steamed veg, toast etc) and stop the soul-destroying waste of cooking/pureeing effort, which will help you relax abotut he whole thing.

And no it doesn't matter that he isn;t really interested yet, milk is all he needs atm smile. DD didn;t really get into food till abotu 11m (and is now a 2yo who will eat anything).

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Wed 04-Nov-09 09:10:52

Thanks, MrsB, think I'll give that a go. Feel like I'm trying to force feed a suffragette at the moment!

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