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13mo - can I give bacon and how often?

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titferbrains Sun 01-Nov-09 12:19:24

She loves sausages but I'm concerned about how much salt she is having (did you see that dispatches about breakfast and all the salt in everything shock) and I'd like to try her on bacon as she needs to gain weight but I know it's salty etc, and also nitrites not great (not sure why tho, can you tell me?). So how often? I'm thinking crispy bacon bits. I think she actually quite likes salty food... yikes.

WobblyPig Sun 01-Nov-09 18:50:40

Most bacon is injected with salt and water. I personally would avoid it but go for an unsmoked and rinse it first.
As you probably know salt intake for this age is only 1g max a day - which is two slices of bread or a bowl of cornflakes - it can be difficult to keep the salt down.

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