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When to stop sterilizing?

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jollygreenmama Thu 22-Oct-09 00:58:49

Dd nearly 7 months, started a mixture of blw and spoon feeding, all good. When can I stop being so anal about boiling water and sterilizing? Dd sort of crawling so on floor a lot of her day.

mazzystartled Thu 22-Oct-09 01:03:27

I stopped at around 6 months, the day I found DD chewing on a dead spider.....not sure what the best curret advice is though

jollygreenmama Thu 22-Oct-09 04:55:25

Mmmm yummy! Thanks mazzy

elliepac Thu 22-Oct-09 06:39:58

Nothing new to add except that I stopped at 6 months as well also around the point DC's started eating things they shouldn't. grin

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