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Some fattening up recipes for tiny babies

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Bobo23 Wed 21-Oct-09 21:00:03

Thought I'd post up a couple of recipes we're cooking up for our premature IUGR baby. He was only 2lb 12 at birth and still not quite on the chart at 9 months! We struggled a bit finding things that he liked but we landed on the following which I thought might be useful to other parents of tiny ones.

So now we give him;
- free range chicken thigh or breast fillets, sweet pots, olive oil, butter, bit of greens like broccoli, spinach or chard, loads of double cream. Just put all the ingredients in a lidded saucepan with a bit of water and cook for half an hour or so and then puree up with a soup blender
- mince (mince is good because organic beef mince is quite affordable), small pasta (no need to buy special baby pasta we just use soup pasta), courgette, butter, double cream, water
- other combinations of the above like mince and spuds.
- Also orange lentils, apricot (good for iron but use the unsulphured organic ones), carrot, double cream, butter, water

We always tend to throw in some greens for the vitamins and also so he gets used to the taste of green veg. We cook up a couple of big batches per week. He absolutely troughs the chicken recipe in particular. The fat is the most important thing for weight gain.

Our DS is on Infantrini (a catch up formula for prem babies) as well as being breastfed so we tend to sling some in if we remember.

For breakfast we're all having porridge... for our DS we take some of the porridge and mash in banana and stir in some Infantrini but you could also use double cream instead of the Trini. Its worth noting that double cream has more calories than extra thick cream.

For puddings he has mashed bananas with cream. When he gets a bit constipated we make up a big batch of apples, figs, apricots and cream and freeze that and add to porridge. That is really *dangerously delicious*.

Crazycatlady Tue 03-Nov-09 14:38:33

So basically lots of cream and butter in everything then? Yum. Shame, I was hoping for some inspiration for 10 month old DD who is on the small side. But she's allergic to dairy and egg...

Will just keep lacing all her food with olive oil and giving her lots of avocado!

Bobo23 Sun 08-Nov-09 20:41:55

Can she eat peanut butter? All kinds of nut butters are good - you can put them in little sandwiches or even spread them on rice cakes. Will she eat fish like smoked mackeral or sardines?

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