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7 month old sugar fiend

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FlyingMonkey Wed 21-Oct-09 15:38:13

Hello mums, I am looking for some advice/reassurance please. I have been giving DS (7 months) solids for the past 4 weeks using the Annabel Karmel book as a rough guide. I started off with the usual root veg and fruit purees. Initially, DS was happy to eat the veg purees but is now refusing to eat them and will only eat fruit puree, fromage frais and finger foods like Organix biscuits/rice cakes and toast. I am going to try him on baby cereal tomorrow but am wondering if I should be concerned about his sweet tooth at this stage or whether I should just continue to feed him what he likes and hope that he will eventually develop a taste for savoury foods. He is also having 4 breastfeeds a day. Thanks.

MrsBadger Wed 21-Oct-09 15:55:12

place AK book in bin
ditto the baby rice, it is foul stuff, give him readybrek or porridge if you feel he must have cereal
eat the petits filous yourself (yum)
and the Organix biscuits
stir the fruit puree into plain yoghurt and either eat it yourself or share with ds

then offer him finger foods off your plate - toast, cooked veg, bits of cheese, salad, bits of meat, chips, any old thing. I'd stick to savoury though - he doesn;t need any added sugar at all, let alone biscuits and petits filous.
The only things he can't have are honey, stuff with added salt, and chokey things like nuts and whole grapes.

Technically this is called baby-led weaning and is wonderously low effort for you as well as being fun for them.

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