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Please help- need a routine for weaning and milk feeds..

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chloebe Wed 21-Oct-09 13:37:10

My dd2 is bottlefed as bf failed- she struggled with her milk until I changed her onto dr browns and new formula (she is now on Heinz, have previously tried, Aptamil and then Aptamil comfort, then cow and gate and then cow and gate comfort), up until this week she has been having 2 solid meals aday and about 25oz of milk.. her routine is below...

7.30am 6-8oz of milk
11.30am 6-8oz of milk
12.30pm solids
4pm 5oz of milk
5pm solids
7pm 8oz of milk

But the last week she is all over the place only drinking 3oz bottles, 5oz if I'm lucky and only taking a megre 17oz a day... Its a battle and I hate it.

A lady from playgroup suggested...

7.30am baby porridge
10.30am milk then nap
12.30pm solids
3pm milk
5pm solids
7pm milk...

But feel weary of messing her around... what routines do you have with your babies of 5 months?

Feel like I'm constantly topping her up all day with an ounce here etc... I was thinking that by changing her routine to what my friend suggested she could move her morning nap from 9.30am until 10am (after that bottle) and have her afternoon nap after that 3pm bottle... any ideas greatly accepted!

Seona1973 Wed 21-Oct-09 20:05:56

at 5 months I wouldnt drop any milk feeds and wouldnt give solids before milk as that could make your lo drop her milk intake even further. I would do this:

7.30am - milk
11.30am - milk
12.30pm - solids
3pm - milk
5pm - solids
7pm - milk

When your lo is ready I would add in breakfast around 8.30am and let her lead the way in the amount of milk she wants. Dont go overboard on the amount of solids you offer as that will also make her cut back on milk.

p.s. could she be teething as that can put them off feeding too?

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