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How gradual should introduction of foods be?

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sazman Mon 19-Oct-09 21:57:07

Hi, wondered if anyone had advice on how gradually foods should be introduced. I've just started weaning DS2 who is almost 6 months. (I can't remember how quick the process was with was nearly 5 years ago...lots has happened since then!!) I started with the baby rice 4 days ago and at the moment he still has 5 bottles of milk a day and at tea time has the baby rice...followed by his milk(but doesn't seem to want the whole of this bottle anymore) He seems to be getting the hang of taking the baby rice so is it now time to change to veg and should i increase to 2 meals and reduce amount of milk feeds yet?? wouldn't believe i was a 2nd time mum would you!? but just don't feel that confident bout the whole thing! My baby HAS had major probs with reflux and 3 stays in hospital as he wasn't thriving but now, thanks to Carobel, a thickener i add to his milk, he's doing really well with his weight i've also got the reflux thing to bear in mind(as when i reduce the thickener in his milk, the reflux is still there...big time!) Any advice would be appreciated, thank you

Reallytired Tue 20-Oct-09 10:50:01

You have my sympathies with reflux, my son had reflux seven years ago although not as badly as your baby. He did out grow the reflux once he could sit up at nine months. It might sound obvious, but have you tried a bumbo?

Weaning a baby at six months is different to four months. You can go a lot faster and introduce lumps a lot faster. For example my daughter who is the same age as your ds2 is having finger foods. You might find that lumpy food stays down better.

Prehaps this something where you need to seek medical advice. Mumsnet are just other mums.

CoteDAzur Wed 04-Nov-09 19:05:09

Try anti-regurgitation milk. Here in France they are sold in pharmacies, with AR written on them. Every brand seems to have their own. We use Milupa AR and it has helped a lot with DS' reflux.

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