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weaning and sense of loss

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Reallytired Mon 12-Oct-09 15:32:39

Is there anyone else who find weaning (ie. introduction of solids NOT cessation of breastfeeding) a really sad time.

There is no doult that my baby is ready for it, but I'm not.

Hulla Tue 13-Oct-09 09:09:28

Oh reallytired, I felt exactly like this and tried to explain it to my dh who thought I was crackers. It just made me realise that she isn't going to be a baby for long, although in my head I had her off to Uni and was being a bit crackers. Those 6 months of ebf are over in a flash and now dd (8.5 months) hardly bfs during the day (catches up at night which isnt as awful as I expected).

Having said all of that, I love watching her eat. We are BLW which is so much fun. We took her for Sunday lunch at the weekend and she shouted when she saw the food arrive. Her hands and feet were wriggling with excitement. Other diners found it really funny (fortunately) to hear her shouting "Ooohh" and staring at the food.

Last night we had stir fried chicken and noodles. Its a delight to listen to her nom-nom her way through chicken and suck noodles up a la Lady and the Tramp!

It also nice now, DH gets up with dd every morning and makes her breakfast. They eat toast together and I lie in bed and drink tea!

I completely understand how you feel but the next stage is good fun so think of it as a gain not a loss - you'll probably have lots of happy memories from weaning (not to mention great photos!). smile

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