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Post-illness loss of appetite. How long might it last?

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elizabethbob Mon 12-Oct-09 10:57:37

My DS is 10 months. He has been really poorly with a viral bug since a week ago on Sat ie started 9- 10 days ago. High fever, snotty, cough for about 7 days and slightly lower fever less often 2 days and 1 day of no fever. He didn't eat anything 1st 5 days, just increased milk. Picked at rice cakes over last few days.

Having taken food from a spoon without any problems pre-bug he refuses point blank to at the moment. Even weetabix and banana which he loved! I'm giving him finger food which he picks at but throws most of it on the floor.

I'm trying not to worry. He was 9th centile for weight and at doctors is back on 9th centile having increased to 25th at 8month check. I know it's normal not to want to eat when ill but just wondered what other mums' experiences are of how long it takes to regain appetite after a bug...

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