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dd2 is 8.5 months old what to feed her food wise?:)

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tinkbig Thu 08-Oct-09 09:14:33

hi my dd2 is 8.5 months old.
i have been feeding her a meat jar for dinner pureered small one for 4-6 mnths
then for tea a small pureed veg jar. then give pud plus crisp as finger food or potatoe.

havent really got the time to make meals have a 4 year old who has just started school 2.

cantmummyhaveabreak Thu 08-Oct-09 09:41:20

If DD2 can have finger foods feed her what DD1 eats.

Do DD1 some meat with veg and give DD2 the veg, with some pasta or something?

There's no reason why she shouldn't eat the same as you, and if it has to be blended just get a cheap hand blender and give her a bowl of what you're having slighty blitzed. So much cheaper and faster than you think!!

Alos what sort of 'crisps'... I really dont think she should have crisps yet. Mine were 12mths before they had them and that was the goodies ones...

tinkbig Thu 08-Oct-09 09:56:19

i went goodies crisps from 7 mnths

Sparklytwinkletoes Thu 08-Oct-09 10:29:05

I'm the same as Can't, I fed DS whatever we were having, and if I didn't have time to cook on the day, due to getting home from work late, then he'd have it the following day. This would be supplemented by a stock of home prepped veg purees from the freezer, I'd mix and match them to make 'interesting' combos - like parsnip and apple.

Also, you can buy the quick cook pasta, it only takes three minutes to boil (at least the tesco one does) and you can serve it 'dry' (but cooked obviously!) as a finger food or with a sauce.

Boots stock a range of the Annabel Karmel foods, which include a baby rice (not the stuff you wean with, actual small grains of rice) and baby pasta which are good for littleun's not so ready for chewing.

Cucumber sticks, appple sticks, celery, all only take seconds to prepare and are great 'finger foods'. I've always tried to stick to the five a day as a minimum rule - although it does get a bit inventive sometimes! Raisins with your sandwiches DS? smile

I used to give DS pre-prepared food all the time, until I read a comment on here somewhere about it seeming a bit mean to give the kids pre-prepared then sit down to a meal of meat and veg after they'd gone to bed. That's when I realised I wasn't putting in nearly as much effort as I could with DS' diet and I think since I did start investing more time in it, his eating habits have improved - and its rewarding to see him in the kitchen (as he was last night) helping himself to the cucumber that was on his plate, waiting for the pasta to be added.

I got really stuck for inspiration so bought << ooks&qid=1254993978&sr=8-1 this book>> for inspiration.

It breaks down the recipes into age appropriate sections, I had no clue how to cook meat so it would be suitable for pureeing - but this book shows you how, with really simple recipes. If you look on Amazon, they have a 'look inside' feature for this book so you can have a 'try before you buy'.

Sorry for the massive ramble, HTH a bit?

stripeywoollenhat Thu 08-Oct-09 10:30:10

tink - dd (also 8.5 months) eats the following: tomato, banana, fish fingers, porridge, broccoli, yoghurt, broad beans (from frozen, i take the skins off), stewed prunes, bread with butter, hummus or tapenade, scrambled egg (very well cooked), organix rusks, cheese. she is quite hit or miss with eating, but most of this stuff doesn't need cooking, or much cooking (i hate cooking). she pretty much refuses all meal like foods (eg spaghetti bolognese). i try not to worry too much about how little she eats as she is still drinking plenty of milk - she will hopefully start eating properly in her own good time. hth smile

Sparklytwinkletoes Thu 08-Oct-09 10:31:17

Doh, this book

Its been a while since i've done a link!

GhostWriter Thu 08-Oct-09 10:35:16

At 8 months she can eat whatever you're eating following the no salt, no honey etc guidelines.

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