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some advice please

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yawningmonster Wed 07-Oct-09 02:53:11

DD is 22 weeks old. With my DS he didn't manage solids well until close to a year old. I was happily content to let DD have all the time she needed and was not even in a rush to start her at 6mths BUT...she has done a couple of things to make me wonder if I perhaps should start her after all. Incident one involved sitting with her on my lap talking to DH holding a wedge of apple(me) that I was eating. DD was making her usual enthusiastic sucking sounds on what I thought was her fist but when I redirected my attention to her instead of DH discovered her licking my apple with obvious delight. Incident two occured last night. DD likes to sit up with us at meal times and be included. I had got up to get ds a drink and while she was strapped in she didn't have her tray on so she was able to lean forward just enough for DS to shout Mamma, DD has your pumpkin and it is all slobbery!! I retrieved said pumpkin much to DD's distress but am now in a quandry of whether I should wait another month or whether these are very clear indications she wants to start now. WWYD?

isittooearlyforgin Wed 07-Oct-09 03:45:54

I think she wants it now.

comfortablynumb Wed 07-Oct-09 04:05:53

I'd give her what she wants and with DS under your belt it's not like you won't know what you're doing. Having said that, is there any chance that she's teething and was just looking for something to chew on ?

yawningmonster Wed 07-Oct-09 05:24:21

definate signs of teething so I may just need to be more vigelent now she is grabbing at things

yawningmonster Wed 07-Oct-09 07:04:01

any other opinions?

PoisonToadstool Wed 07-Oct-09 07:14:19

Can she sit unaided, lost tongue thrust etc?

If all the other signs of readiness are there, I would consider giving her a few bits of food to 'play' with while you all eat - very little will actually go in yet anyway.

yawningmonster Wed 07-Oct-09 10:43:25

no she cannot sit unaided but is quite steady and upright with support pillow. She has lost tongue thrust though. I think I will wait but hopefully it is at least an indication that when the time comes she will be interested

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