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A few little questions about poo....

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jeffily Sat 03-Oct-09 07:52:52

...which is another of those thread titles I never thought I would write pre-baby! wink

DD has been on solids for 4 weeks now. She's 28 weeks today. She has been really enjoying them and getting into finger foods, I had started to vary her diet more with blended up meals (no salt or sugar ob, but things like chicken risotto and three bean stew) but the last few days or so I have been worrying about her poo. It did go more solid and thick for a while - I was happy with that, although she did make a lot of noise when she was busy poo-ing. But now it has gone soft again, with bits in, and sort of stringy, mucuousy bits. It varies in colour from a sort of khaki to brown to yellow (sorry if TMI grin). She seems fine in herself and is BF plenty- no sunken fontanel, good colour in her skin, happy and cheerful. I've gone back to basics with her food, thinking it may be too much too fast, and am focussing on carbohdrates, whole grains and single veg- eg rice and peas or parsnip and potoato, but so far it doesn't seem to have helped (tho have only been doing it for two days)
Should I be worried and taking her to the doc? Or is this just normal? Or should I just be making sure she drinks plenty and keeping an eye on it?

Also she keeps poo-ing at night, which she had totally stopped. It's a pain cos it means she is woken right up when I change her- any tips for binding the little lovely up while we all get some beauty sleep? grin

TIA all you lovely MNers.

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